parting with bymytwofeet

January 2, 2018 § 3 Comments

This space contains 7 years worth of writing. 248 blog posts to be exact.

My blog previous to this was 6 years old when I decided to leave it because a friend migrated to this platform and it perfectly coincided with my end of college.  On the other hand, I have decided to close this blog (but retain all the entries as long as wordpress retains them) because I’ve used up all the free memory space (lol) and it perfectly coincides with the end of my PhD and the year 2017.

My blog has never been coherent.  I write about my thoughts as much as I write about banalities.  It’s a reflection of the amalgam that my life is – a patchwork of tragedies and victories, of crests and troughs and all interpolations within.  I recently went through both of my blogs in the process of writing a book to commemorate the memories of my mother.  Through it, I saw how both my writing and thought process evolved – and as a consequence visualized what maturity looked like in words.  The disappearance of ravings about a crush replaced with metaphoric poetry.  The penchant for academic interjections replaced with an intentional deletion of anything scientific in my entries.  And with these changes, my perception of the world and the universe has evolved along with it.  It goes without saying that this blog will always be a treasure trove for me.  It holds thoughts from different milestones in my life, often not depicting the event in detail, but always somehow depicting me.  Yet even after all this introspection, I am unable to synthesize my existence.  I have however gained a more firm understanding of my core values.  In departing this old blog, I’m excited to start anew with a stronger conviction to embrace my own person and the complexities of the world around me.  Before leaving, I’m listing the links to the entries I love the most.


solitude, the wind, and I

belief in love

when we remember/when I move on

Namaste, Nepal

in the desert





letter to heaven.1


do you love me?





things I thought about today



Happy Birthday Gab :)

If you’re reading this, thank you for walking with me.  I hope you’ll still visit my new space at christine.ity.


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