Ho Chi Minh

September 23, 2017 § Leave a comment

It was one of those trips that was more of the company rather than the destination.  Three days was barely enough to scratch the surface of this beautiful country.  Despite the constant tourist reminder to be wary of theft, our naive carelessness did not attract any untoward incident – thank goodness.  I’m generally drained from my month-long hiatus from responsibilities, ironically, so I will just be listing my favorite memories from this trip and leaving a video of our moments.

  1.  The food – a ton has been written about Vietnamese cuisine, I say don’t bother reading and just go out there and eat it.  Every little shop is bound to be authentic and interesting the least.
  2. Teh Dar – we watched this cirque-like performance at the Saigon Opera House and it was well worth every dong we paid.
  3. The history – though I did not leave with a thorough understanding of why the Vietnam war happened, a glimpse of life during and after their wartime offered a better understanding of how their people fought for their independence and how the players from both sides had to live through the consequences.
  4. The buildings – So much boutiques and interesting shops lie in the seemingly old buildings in the city, we were lucky enough to run into 26 Ly Tu Trong where the Phong Tranh Nghe Thuat Art Gallery is housed.  This was one of my favorite spots (the dark corridors and the vintage elevator that’s characteristically French) and I can only imagine the city has a lot more to offer that we never got to see this round.
  5. The company – I’m really weak in writing about really happy times, sad writer’s syndrome. So I guess this video and a big thank you to April, Gale and Marge will have to do.

Oh, another thing, I have reached my media storage limit for this blog which is why this entry has no photos.  Still pondering if I should pay up or open a new blog.  :(


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