white Christmas

December 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

Don’t have much time to narrate my December this year (as work is already waiting for me to narrate as well), but I’ll try to do that in a few pictures.

10345821_10153399911853282_7751413567684042157_nFirst of all, I was lucky to witness my one and only Kuya Raffy  (*tears of joy*) marry Ate Jam <3

1930492_10205516292651834_3617148227565685470_nand I got to be bridesmaid, while my shoulders were frozen to death in the chilly LA air

image-e9f4a4ffd84d2eb49bad9b8d66f0954f68de5a9c2768a09fce86113f1fe1f1bf-Vmy good-looking cousin, Josh, was the bible bearer, while his uber cutie brother, Justin, was the ring bearer (Tita Shirley was a godparent)

IMG_2899went on a 5-hour drive with Tita Wowie, Uncle Edwin, Erin and Erika from Arcadia, CA to Sequoia National Park

IMG_2848rainbow pass  (I think we saw 10 rainbows during that drive ,by far the most in any single trip I’ve ever seen) while driving through stretches of almonds and oranges surviving the Californian drought

IMG_2990and woke up to this beautiful white Christmas scenery

IMG_3018my beautiful cousin, Erin, enjoying a light snow fall

IMG_2967and her adorable sister, Erika (snow tubing)


IMG_3059made my first snowman with Erika and Erin

IMG_3095t’was the night before Christmas

IMG_29705 layers of shirts and 2 layers of pants after (plus breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets – god help me lose all of this before Valentine’s at least haha)

IMG_3107in the land of the giant trees, sequoias (with trunks as wide as 30 ft and as high as 400 ft, some of these trees have lived for more than 4000 years)

IMG_3159welcomed by the warm Kok family :)

IMG_3245Christmas morning

IMG_3259my grandma, Mommy Auring

IMG_3255morning in Arcadia


If I could fill this post with pictures of Josh, Justin, Erin and Erika – I would have, because this vacation has been mostly about them.  I loved the time I spent with my younger cousins, and my only wish is that they remember me as they grow up.  This was my first Christmas away from Ama and Gab, but it was a Christmas well spent with my family in the other side of the globe.

Other things worth remembering but will not expound as of now

  1. married life of my aunts
  2. jogging conversation with Kuya Alex
  3. life abroad
  4. that one should not sit on the snow for an extended amount of time without proper insulation
  5. I should really start writing real letters again


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