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Mamow when he surprised me with a visit on my birthday last year.  He missed seeing my messy room.

He’s always been the proudest during the high points in my life, but more importantly, he’s always been there for me during the lowest ones.  Those days when I felt the world caving in on me, my dad has always been the one to reassure me that no matter what I do, how I fall and if I fail, I will always be loved by my family.  When I lost the gold earrings that my mom ever so reminded me to take care of, it was Mamow who took my side and forgave me.  During that one time I cried because of my academics during college, it was Mamow who drove all the way down to Makati from Cavite on a Saturday morning just because he knew I just needed to cry it out.  When I felt my first taste of failure in one of my students who failed to improve his grade after I tutored him in Math, it was Mamow who told me that it’s not my fault but  that I should bravely deal with it.  During those times that Gab and I didn’t know if Inay was going to make it, it was Mamow who constantly reassured us that prayers will make everything alright.  And especially now when I’ve been having the bulk of my breakdowns in a place not that easy to go to, it has always been Mamow who has reassured me that I can do it and that no matter what, I can always come back home.  It’s funny because my parents have always been proud of the fact that I never cried when I was a baby.  It was my dad who trained me as such.  I can imagine he threatened me in some manner as an infant to make me stop that reflex of crying. Haha, well we were raised in a very strict manner.  It’s probably why now that I’m away from him, tears have been coming more easily every time I have really bad days.  And it’s only Mamow’s voice on the phone that can calm me down and remind me that I am not a person who gives up easily.  Mamow, you know I’m not really the stereotypical daddy’s girl.  And most of our disagreements have only been those instances when you didn’t allow me to do what I wanted.  Although I may have seethed in apparent anger during those times, I would never do anything without your consent (if I ask, haha) not because I fear punishment but because I value your approval.  Happy Father’s Day, Mamow.  Gab and I miss you so much.  Distance, whether physical or metaphysical, will never dampen the spirit of love and faith that you have worked so hard for in imbibing in our family.  Thank you for giving us the privilege to have a reason to celebrate Father’s Day. :) We love you.



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