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November 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

More than a month after, I finally got the birthday package my brother sent me from Hong Kong.  The post office apparently forgot to send me a notice, so it had been sitting around with other parcels for more than 2 weeks already, at the threat of being disposed if not collected.  Well, that’s a surprising lapse in the Singaporean scheme of things.

Upon sending other letters and settling my bill, I proceeded to break open the adhesive that separated me from what my brother gave me.  The card had a familiar figure that only me and Gab (and probably a few of my cousins) would appreciate.  He scribbled down some particular instructions before I was to read the letter, and even though I would typically not follow instructions when it comes to things like this (case in point: the despidida gift I got from my friends haha), I hesitantly closed the box and made my way back home to get internet access.  Upon reaching home, I put on his requested song on youtube and read his card. It was a really lovely story that brought me back to our childhood. I miss our “pillows”, I miss home. :”) Thank you, Fubby. :)





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