growing up with Marge

May 27, 2014 § 2 Comments

I was pretty much grown up already before I met you.  Well, maybe just sufficiently.  Six years, how much can people in a relationship change?  From our pictures, I’d say my hair grew longer, and you’ve put on some appropriate weight – which has made you look better – I’m sure everyone agrees with me on that.  :D But that’s just on the outside.  In the 6 years we’ve been friends, you’ve taught me a lot about friendship.  Misconceptions corrected, expectations surpassed, assumptions removed, and what not.  There’s a lot of memories between us that I can recount now.  Crying in the sunken garden, stalking in the halls of Engineering, walking in the dark, eating in the side steps of the Main library, agonizing over acid-burnt pants, whatever genre, you name it, we have it. (alam mo na yan)  But I want to focus on something specific.  You know how we’re both competitive, even friendships have that right? haha.  But of all my friends, you’re the hardest one to outdo.  And I’ve been living these past 6 years pretty much hopeless of outdoing you.  After that huge birthday card you gave me when we we’re still in 3rd year college, I tried.  I really did.  But I don’t think I ever got past the birthday video.  HAHA.  That was my first best, and until now last best. And you know what, the best surprise I got from you was not even the “survival kit for Singapore”.  (Although that was definitely overwhelming; and even my last birthday, god you didn’t even have to do that anymore).

The most memorable surprise you gave me was last year, this same day.  That was my crappiest year for all your birthdays.  Or actually, that was my crappiest year as your friend. I wasn’t even able to greet you.  But you went that day to the hospital, on your birthday, to donate blood for the mother of your crappy friend who hadn’t even greeted you on your quarterlife milestone.  Marge, I’ll never forget that.  :’)  Thank you.

Thank you for being the most thoughtful friend ever.  Thank you for being patient with us, your friends.  Thank you for being maarte – and thus funny. haha.  Thank you for being so creative and making us the best memorabilia things kept in all our treasure boxes.  Thank you for being selfless and forgiving. Thank you for being my friend. :) Happy 26th birthday! I’m intentionally late.  I wanna stay on top, at least in facebook.  (though I’m pretty sure the unintentionally late greeters will mess up this plan haha).












Oh yes, I can’t let this day pass without anything cheesy! :) Actually I was telling JM how I was trying to write a fictional love story about you and a guy.  But I couldn’t make myself imagine the emotions of a guy without making the whole thing sound so…fictional. haha.  So anyway, just wait for my birthday gift. :) If only I could get you the perfect guy, but God has taken cared of that for me.  Let’s wait for his delivery. haha. Happy Birthdaaay Marge! :) I miss talking to youuuu!!!! :) I love youuuu.  :)

 Oh, it’s hard to explain, but somehow, I felt like with everything we’ve gone through, I’ve grown up in this friendship. :) Grown up, in a good way. :)



§ 2 Responses to growing up with Marge

  • Marge says:

    Why is my reply not here? Haha.

    Anyway, Tin, grabeng PDA :)) But kidding aside, thank youuu. This is really touching :) And hello, there was never anything to outdo (though I get what you mean with the competitiveness haha). Pero as I’ve said time and time again, your letters and little thoughtful gestures pa lang, sobra-sobra na sa benchmark :)

    Thank you too for being one of God’s best blessing these last six years. You’re one of the biggest factors/inspirations for me trying to become a better person :)

    Thanks again Tin, for this and everything else, ilyt :)

    PS: Please do tell me about that fictional love story next time. I volunteer to help you come up with kilig scenes haha.

    • PDA na ba to?? ano ba yan Marge! You have to be ready for more, I’m sure mas PDA ang boys. haha. or not? HAHA. I’ll try to write that story again, I’ll submit it to you for filling up the kilig scenes once may working background na. hahaha. Hirap pala magsulat ng fiction without drawing from anything real. LOL. You’re welcome Marge! :) Okay then, you take care of the birthdays and I’ll take care of the other days. Mas magaling ako pag walang pressure eh. haha. As usual, you work better under pressure. Napaisip tuloy ako kung crammer ka nung college. Parang oo na hindi. Parang feeling ko nagcracram ka, pero yung result hindi mukhang crammed! :)

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