May 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Tita Shirley flooded us with old pictures from my grandma’s album.  She lives in Ohio, and thanks to Viber, all those pictures were directly moved to our phone’s albums.  haha.  :)  I especially loved several pictures, which I had never seen.  I’ve had this habit of looking over our old albums every summer when I was a kid, so I basically know all our old pictures by heart. :)

image-5a8c58036a0a13f31584f95288b82883dc6b3c6ac5c0faa109d461775bb8e42a-Vme and my Dad; my cousin Timothy and his dad, Tito Uro

image-da835784660fc4157ec7c27364975b836c0a14fb040b2dd60c1d9888735b5cc5-Vme and my brother with our beautiful mother

image-9821ee1a7a4fbbf76ae6d2e39bea1a65e552f52294e2a8a4be45190cc5d58e9b-Vmy little odd ball brother on his first birthday

image-8b0c69a11f5a992a809bb88bd80368317c09df867d580c2c20f668d989ac1d48-Vand this is a particularly precious find! At the right of the Christmas tree, you see “Longgie” photobombing the three of us.  This is exactly the day she was bought.  Unfortunately, the picture isn’t dated.  But roughly, that makes Longgie almost as old as my brother, who turns 22 this year.  So she’s at least 21.  Quoting my brother, “man, that thing is old”.


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