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May 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

JM visited me in Singapore last week, and because I think she’d rather me not posting it in the mainstream social network, I’ll document it here instead. :) JM had just ended her exam week before going here, and I was in the process of preparing for mine – so this was a pretty shabby patched-up plan, touring-wise.  But more or less, it turned out better than I expected. :) Although I tried to pick the less banal activities that can be done here in Singapore, we still grazed a few of them. haha.  I couldn’t let her go home and be like me who had not gone to Sentosa after being here for more than 6 months already.  The highlights though (and I hope her personal favorites as well) we’re going to Pulau Ubin and watching a play at the Esplanade.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin!  The island is home to the last few Kampongs in Singapore.  It’s a pretty much run-down village that makes you wonder if you’re still in Singapore or not.  On the other hand, it’s a nice refuge away from the city life – where you can actually see an interesting ecosystem at the Chek Jawa Wetlands.  It’s a S$2.50 bumboat away from Changi Village.

I managed to wake JM and myself up at 5:30 am and we reached the place around 8:00 am, after a 1-hour MRT ride, a 30-minute bus ride, and finally the 10 minute bumboat ride.

To go around the island, it’s best to rent a bike.  And for crying out loud, we were riding it the wrong way for more than half the trip.  Our calves and thighs were over-exerted by the time we figured out that we should have raised the seats.  T_T.  It was sheer torture going up all the hills, and heaven for all the “Dismount bike and Walk” parts. hahaha. (yes, we didn’t dismount).

We saw a lot of crabs (small but interesting-looking ones), mudskippers, wild pigs, birds – namely, the jungle fowl a.k.a. “manok”.  haha.  There was also a beach that was covered in seaweeds.  We thought, well I thought, that we would sink if we stepped on it because it was quite soft and my foot went down unopposed for a good 5 inches.  For some time, I was stepping on the rocks only, until JM pointed out that awful, stupid fact that we we’re still on the beach and it had to be solid land.  So I went down from the rocks and played on the soft, green beach bed that I wish I could identify if only I still remembered my MS1 knowledge.

On her second day, we went to Sentosa, sans the usual Universal Studios.  We did the 4D Adventure Park thing which barely impressed me, if not for seeing Josh Hutcherson in one of the 4D rides.  Yeah, I can see you scoff, JM. haha.


We also did the Luge + Skyline, and the Cable Car ride.  It was exhausting that day because it was very hot and at the same time very cold inside the areas which we’re air-conditioned.  We saw Sir Chief as well! HAHAHA.  As in the Sir Chief-Maya thing – but I can’t remember the title of their show right now.  JM wanted to take a picture for Gale – and insisted on using me as “kunwari fan” material.  I couldn’t do it, and neither would she volunteer herself as social sacrifice, so we didn’t get a picture. :(  Sorry Gale, hehe.  Next time kakapalan ko na mukha ko.  haha.  The Cable Car ride was also interesting because we saw the Mt. Faber area – and it’s officially on my Singapore bucket list.  It’s probably one of the few pretty places (in my standard) here, as the restaurant there was overlooking the mountainous area.  After the Sentosa weekend, JM was pretty much on her own during the day – either doing her own exploring or chilling it out at UTown’s ERC haha, and us eating during the night.  I was finally able to eat Chili Crab, and I didn’t really like it.  JM liked it, however.  :)  Chili Crab just didn’t bring out the full potential of the crab, for me.  I missed my mom’s Crab in Black Tausi.  And it was  a pain trying to break apart the crab claws.  After eating at Makansutra Gluttons by the Bay, we watched a free play at the Esplanade.  We sat at the front-most center seats, which at first we thought meant higher chances of actor-audience interaction, but didn’t turn out as such.  Maybe just a bit.  haha.  I enjoyed the play since it’s been awhile since I last went to watch a theatrical production.  After that, I’ve decided to check all the future free things happening at the Esplanade to make the most out of my stay here.

On JM’s last day, we ate at Din Tai Fung for the Xiao Long Bao.  Everything on the menu looked appetizing and we had such a hard time choosing.  I had been looking at the menu for 30minutes (with no final decision until then) when JM finally found me.  Since she stayed at a different hotel on her later days, we had just agreed to meet at the restaurant at a specific time.  It was a good thing we we’re both early as the line was quite long that Friday.  After that, we chilled for a while at Clarke Quay while eating Hokkaido ice creams.  We went home thereafter and stayed up until 4 in the morning at Town Green – time well spent talking about life and other things. :)

It wasn’t really a typical vacation/visit.  My brain was kind of scattered those days as I was torn between having to focus in school and wanting to get over the day and go out with JM.  haha.  But among other things, I think it did us both well.  As if somewhere within that week, we both grew up a bit.  ;)

output_EaHiuCJM, this is what a GIF is. haha. (photos taken by JM’s now dressed-up mint green Macbook wiiii – thank you CANDY SHIELD!!)  thank you JM for visiting! :) I miss you already. :’)  Hope you enjoyed staying here, even with the volume and activity restrictions imposed by alam-mo-na. HAHA. oh, and thanks for taking pictures of me and Paul <3 <3 <3. LOL.  I was so tempted to post it here, but nah – gotta move on.  But thanks for being ever so supportive.  HAHAHA.    

I’ll see you where life takes us next. :)



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