conning subway

January 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Unfortunately, food therapy, like retail therapy, is very expensive.  I’ve been wanting to buy a Subway since last week, but the thought of the calories and the accompanying price helped stop me.  I gave in the other day though because Swati wanted to try it as well, so I watched the lady carefully how she crafted the expensive sandwiches.  I went to the grocery the next day to buy the necessary ingredients and was devastated that there weren’t any jalapenos.  I even went to 2 other groceries to check if they had it, but it seems like my only chance of finding it will be going to Cold Storage.  I started the project by making a Tuna Sandwich which, as a matter of fact, had tuna.  Then tonight I tried making an Egg Wrap, which looked pretty legitimate – until I tried to wrap it.  FAIL.  Kaya pala ang konti maglagay ni ate, hindi pala kaya i-wrap pag madaming laman. T_T

CYMERA_20140126_091006tuna, cheese, cucumbers, tomato, black olives, mayonnaise & mustard; yes, this is half-eaten

CYMERA_20140126_230803microwaved eggs massacred into mayonnaise and a heap of healthy flax seeds; (mental note: need to sneak out some salt and pepper from McDonald’s next time I pass by)

CYMERA_20140126_231806I made this at home because I thought they were stingy in the ingredients – turns out you can’t close the wrapper if you put in too many in the middle :(

In other news, I’m trying to perfect my ref cake. :) I adopted my mom’s recipe for the crust which includes graham crackers, brown sugar and butter.  Hindi nga lang ako makaget over na 150 pesos yung 30 pesos sa Pilipinas na graham crackers.  Don’t even start asking about how much Nestle cream is! :( I’ve tried using varying combinations and amounts of cream, cream cheese, yogurt and condensed milk for the white layer.  My subjects seem to very much approve. :)  I’ve made 7 of these already.  Next project: banoffee pie! :)

CYMERA_20140126_091111my first batch :) this one has peaches but I used kiwi for my latest batch because I didn’t have a freakin’ can opener for the can of peaches and Helen wasn’t home with her Swiss Army knife. :(

In all fairness to this time consuming diversion, I have gained a couple of insights regarding my experiments in the lab.  At first, I constantly found myself wishing that my experiment was as easy as this.  No need to measure, just intuition and a good sense of combining things and imagining the taste.  I don’t measure out anything when I cook.  However, I realized that doing wet lab experiments should actually be like cooking.  Sure, there are certain things that have to be followed.  But it isn’t as rigid as I’m treating it.  Protocols are just there to ensure repeatability, but an added decimal in the molarity wouldn’t always result to something different.  Well, that statement certainly cannot be qualified for all wet lab experiments, but it helped me get over my OCness in the lab which kind of paralyzes me at times.  So thank you to the kitchen, I feel renewed excitement to continue with my experiments.  Though I wish all the chemicals I’m dealing with were as benign as food.  I’d give anything to not have to worry about explosive and lethal powders under my nose. @_@


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