midnight squash cravings

August 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

I bought squash yesterday.  I was in the grocery trying to assess if I could actually manage carrying 5 apples, 5 oranges, half of a large papaya and bottles of pesto and strawberry jam back home…plus the squash.  I wanted to eat squash badly for some reason.  And a lot of other things.  But the squash just gripped me right there.  There was however the problem of just having a microwave, and the fact that I didn’t even have salt or pepper at the hostel. I thought about asking Swati for the salt because she had the complete works for cooking, and after a couple more rounds lingering near the squash, I dumped back the apples to their basket and plucked out a squash instead.  *fist pump* For good measure and for future repeats of any cravings, I also grabbed a bottle of garlic salt.  The rationale for choosing the garlic salt was that it was cheaper than the pepper & salt mix.  haha.  And if I get stressed enough, I might even think of cooking adobo.

DSC_0057tomatoes and squashed squash on a baby spinach-covered ciabatta…not so bad, but it would have been better if my bread was toasted :( 

On the other hand, I’m so proud of my fubby brother back home who’s surprisingly doing a great job manning the kitchen! :)

kimchi trial1Gab’s kimchi rice (with runny suns and underfried tofu (whut? haha) ). but I actually got hungry looking at it. :)

takamtikim parents are in good hands (though Inay’s face seems to say otherwise haha) :) I miss eating on a wide plate. 

I’m very proud of Gab, who’s took on the challenge of being only son and cook for the time being that I’m not at home. If its any consolation to feeling like I’m amiss at my responsibilities, at least I know my brother’s character and skills are all improving with the change that has happened in our life now.




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