August 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

I walked 5 and a half kilometers today going to the grocery and back.  It’s a holiday but I chose to be a nerd instead. I’m currently working on my 3rd post for my other blog which should be about Sanger sequencing.  It’s quite fulfilling to be learning and writing at the same time, but simplifying things always takes quite some time.  Not to mention learning usually takes me a long time. :)) And I always get stuck up in trying to write an engaging introduction. X_X  So I’m not even finished writing it but it took me half the day to write half of the content. Too slow…I wonder how other writers do it?

I realized I haven’t posted anything about the National University of Singapore…though it clearly deserves one. I feel like I won’t be able to give it justice if I write now.  In a nutshell, NUS is amazing, people have been generally nice so far (although sometimes I wish I knew how to speak Mandarin), and studying has so far been enriching. Additionally, I’ll say that my apartment (dorm/hostel) is really wonderful.  I wish I could live here for the rest of my years of stay in NUS.  If Nicole (my apartment-mate) is right, since there are only a few Filipinos in NUS, I have a high chance of getting one if they have a fixed number of allocations for every nationality. My apartment-mates are all very nice too. But they’re mostly busy being all upper-class men.  The environment here is also anxiously competitive.  Singaporeans are really competitive in nature, and I say that with full confirmation.  Classes haven’t even started and you see people studying everywhere.  So don’t be surprised I’m being a nerd too…although I have a feeling this is unhealthy. haha. At least this will push me to learn a lot in the process.  The life of a PhD student is starting to unfold to me.  I don’t really want to be able to relate to those morbid PhD jokes, but I should be open to experiencing those feelings in the near future.  Hey, even work sucks. So studying and getting paid at the same time should be better? haha.

So far, my favorite past time is buying stuff for my room like s-hooks and clotheslines and door mats.   and doing the grocery.  Living by yourself gives you the freedom to choose what exactly you eat. So I usually spend a long time comparing the calcium content in milk and the sodium content in tuna, and contemplating if giving in to cravings of beef is worth the sodium nitrate and endlessly calculating the per weight prices of the yogurts and scouring the malls for a liquid handsoap without sodium laureth sulphate.  Also, I’m already unreasonably excited to bring back home a big jar of Nutella for my brother, Fub.  I neeeed to buy plane tickets A.S.A.P. Another frequent past time I have is doing the laundry, although I fear it’ll be a despised one soon because I spend too much time on it.  Anyway, I should really finish that other post.

Classes will start next week.  Good vibes please, universe.   :)


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