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“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” – C.S. Lewis

Since I might become a full time geek for a while, I made sure to let them know it doesn’t mean I won’t miss them.  Much like how you tug on your locks to check if they’re secure before jumping for a sky dive.  :)  This is arranged chronologically on when I met them before jumping. :) plus a few more who I didn’t get to meet anymore, but have to include here nonetheless.

P.S. Friends, do me a favor and don’t reply anything about me in this post.  This is all about you, and I wrote this because I want to tell you how much I love you – nothing else.  And I’m putting it up on my blog because that’s how proud I am I have you as friends! :D I’ll have this as reference too when I get homesick! This moving away is not about me, it’s just that with the jobless phase in between, it’s finally given me enough time to catch up with all of you and say thank you for the friendship. I’m guilty of getting trapped in the busyness of life too. Please keep in touch. I’m sure just a message from you at any random day will make my heart smile right away. :)


Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap


1.  my PMS Batchmates <3.  My first best friends in UP (that aren’t from St. Scho)! :) Some of my best, wildest, funniest and weirdest college memories are with these people. It’s just a pity Kyle, Carlo and Czarina couldn’t make it. :( After x years, I’m so glad our reunion, albeit incomplete, finally happened.  We may not be the clingiest batch, but I know we all love each other.  Can’t wait for our next complete reunion. :) You guys make me forever thankful I joined PMS. :)


2.  My very lovely, bubbly, thoughtful and sweet pink friend, Sheena, gave me the perfect going away gift: a rosary :) Sheena and I had totally different groups of friends in high school, but for some reason our friendship unexpectedly grew into one of my most treasured ones.  Thank you sheena, I’ll hold this tight always. :) And I had it blessed already! :)


3.  Steph (who I endearingly call Heffer or Heffa – adapted from Rocko’s Modern Life…I give the weirdest nicknames)! My jogging buddy and my closest friend during my final year in UP! :) As usual, we didn’t take a picture. :)) Or I think we forgot, after eating that humongous, unsavory rack of ribs at RACKS.  Never again in that restaurant.  Here’s an old picture of Heff instead marking one of our bucket list milestones, our first Run together! :) 3k and we almost died of exhaustion :)) Go knock out those medbooks, Steph! Kayang kaya mo yan! :D


4.  Can’t leave without getting a last laughing and “yuck” session with my neighbors and bus mates since gradeschool: Jamie & Milcha! Our adventures have evolved from ghost hunting in the halls of St. Scho to boy identifying in Dusit’s D-fit (because you never really know who’s cute AND straight nowadays). :)) Of course with a lot of food trips and a few swimming sessions in the middle.  Jamie, when I get thin enough, I’m going to model that really, cute, yellow skirt you gave me! :D Hopefully in the halls of NUS hahaha. feeling naka-couturier outfit LOL. Milcha, let’s just skype and not text, okay? :))

neighborsmy Pio del Pilar pals :))

triohighschool life oh my highschool life…nothing beats the noise of kulasa reunions

5. Czar – my ultimate blog friend! :) Czar owns my favorite smile in the universe – beautiful and always straight from the heart.  She’s one of the nicest persons I know, because she really is.  Actually, I can’t imagine you angry. :)) And that’s coming from a neurotic person like me who can imagine anyone annoyed at me.  I still remember how you said it perfectly in your letter that we’re the type of friends by choice, instead of by circumstance. And I couldn’t agree more. I think we made a great choice right there! haha :D


6. Roshni – almost 10 years of friendship and this is the first intentional picture we have. :D We used to talk on the phone every single day during our freshmen days in college – never for less than an hour.  One of the smartest people I know, she can really drive home a point with her classy sarcasm or humor, which is why she chose her profession aptly as a lawyer. :)) I still remember the time I made the mistake of choosing you as a partner in our Speech class for debate.  Oh boy did I get floored in that bout over caffeine. hahaha.  You know what was really going on in my mind during that time we were standing in front of our podiums? It was a “buttt I thought we we’re friends?” :)).  Of course, I do understand that was graded. :) We lost touch for some time during college, but surprisingly enough, when we finally met up 5 or 6 years after (and that’s barely any talking in between), there was no air of discomfort or awkwardness to deal with at all.  Although I think it’s really mostly because you’re a good listener and adviser. :) Anyone will really love talking to you. I still have pieces of my math notebook with your…characteristic…handwriting on them. :)) I’ll show them to my kids and tell them, “look at Tita Roshni, her penmanship never stopped her from achieving so much.  So what more if you have better penmanship?” :p


7.  Rain and Mela – That moment when you think you’re on the verge of breaking down on your first day in school – and suddenly you find familiar faces! :)) Rain and Mela were my schoolmates in St. Scho, but we were never friends then.  We we’re never classmates.  Well, birds of the same feather really do flock together, because when we all found ourselves uprooted from our little exclusive school in Manila and thrown to the vast, undergrowth in UP, you just had to hold on to something familiar.  And that is how our friendship evolved, from the archaeology basement to CW10 to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to Mela’s valentine to our Chocolate Kiss dates and to more catching up in the future. I hope you guys find the time to read the book! :) And when you find nuggets of wisdom, tell me too okay! :) I’m rooting for your success. :D


8.  Gale – OMG may picture tayong dalawa Gale!!!??? :)) I was so happy when I saw that one because I have no copy of any picture with only the two of us! Can you please send me the file? :D :D I was planning to take one last Wednesday kaso we were both in a hurry, etc. Pero sige sa SG na tayo magpicture together!! :) I’ll bring the towel with me! :D Here we are two Christines with the only Joy Marie friend we have. :D I hope you guys enjoyed Japan! And have a great trip to Cambodia and Korea too! :) BUT do Singapore with me, okay? :)


9.  Marge – MAAAARGGGEEEEE! :) I sent you a letter! :) hahaha sorry I can’t stop making you letters. :)) Masyado kita na miss. pero last na muna yan. :p Thank you for forgiving my crappiness. :’) This is my favorite picture of us.  It looks like a fan picture.  Either I’m with a matinee idol, or you’re with a comedian superstar! The sunken garden will always remind me of our friendship first, followed by our photo shoot for that Engg thing, followed by other random memories, and ended by the UP Fair. hahaha…anyway, the point is it reminds me of you first. :)


10. Hya – Thank you so much to my seatmate in my first job ever! And it helps that we’re the only two “young” (same age group haha) girls in the department.  Thanks to you, I could skip lunch easily because you always ate out with Carlo. :p In effect, I wouldn’t be the sole kill joy for not joining in lunch. Haha, but more than that, thank you for being so nice although you had every right to be proud (summa cum laude ka lang naman haha).  You were so humble always and that’s one trait that’s really hard to come by nowadays.  In fact, it’s one of the best traits any person can have.  Thank you for this geeky-cute pad (I love stuff themed that way haha).  At first I wanted to bring it with me, but then I decided to put it on top of my shelf instead with my other mementos.  Knowing myself, I don’t think I’ll ever decide to use any of the pads because then the “polar caps” would melt. haha. I’ll keep this as a remembrance of you. :)  It’ll be my evidence that I’m friends with the future topgun of a lucky multinational corporation! You’ll go far, Hya! :) Don’t forget me! :D


DSC_0850one of the things you put up with as a teacher: being called “Ma’am”

11. Jella & Anj – As they say, first love never dies. :) No matter how different the paths we took are, you both will always have a special place in my heart. :) Thank you for not letting it all go, and for putting an anchor on it this time. You’ll always have a friend in me. >:)< And I hope to see you both, if not this year, then in future years…in Singapore, in the Philippines, or in the USA! :D Our first agenda: uminom! :)) pero bawal pala yun sa Singapore. Let’s drink hot milk instead, bilang ginawa mo tayong kittens, Jella. :p

69219_10151538132122169_1821607753_ncheck, check, check!

12. Ray & Renee – My very own minions! :) Or maybe. more like I am your minion! :)) Just when I thought I was the only chubby_online in this world, you guys came along. :)) You know how they say “save the best for the last”.  Well, you guys are exactly that – my last date. The last friends I need to see before I commit myself to this crazy dream. :) We’ve shared so many light and heavy moments together and I’m so thankful I have you both in my life. Thank you for being like my older brother and sister…I’d still be a loser if not for you both. :)) I actually owe to you both the little skill that I have in putting on make-up.  Not a big deal, but an important skill nonetheless. Kapantay na yan ng making fire with wood. haha.  I love you both and it’s okay to cry all the tears in this life as long as you “ladies” are by my side.  hahaha. okay, okay, corny. I can vividly imagine your looks right now. :)) keep that album okay!! :) love you chubbies :’) Dra. Gula, send me a letter in Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!  kailangan mapaiyak mo din ako tulad ng letter ni Engr. Almonares, future MSF hihi :”>

72908_10201095222655003_14999436_nnatawa ako na may sariling frame talaga yung food natin :))

13. April – I have to be honest but at first I was really disappointed our date got cancelled. :( And yes you’re right (you know me well already), for a little bit, nagtampo ako.  But the other day, I opened up my box of letters and I read some of those that you gave me.  Suddenly all the bad feelings in me melted away and I realized time and again that you’ve done so much for me that I don’t have any right magtampo pa if we don’t meet before I leave. It’s just that I’ll miss you. :( I wish you all the best in what you’re soon going to start. And I hope you will eventually be able to move on as well. You owe yourself that. I know it’s difficult and every single day is a struggle, but like you told me, the right person will come too. Or if you still insist, maybe it’s not the right time? :)  Lahat nung pinagsasabi mo sakin, pakisabi din sa sarili mo ha?

IMG_1680favorite mo yung wacky ako diba? eto naman favorite ko, yung wacky ka. hahaha.

14. JM – you drive me crazy, do you know that!!??? If I was a girl in love with you, I’d have gone mad a long time ago. But I still have my own problem as your clingy friend who can’t understand why you won’t even spare me a decent reply. :( oo mahirap ka talaga mahalin. pakibabaan nung level please?

DSC03612I long for the day the dynamics of our friendship will be like this; note that it’s you who have your arm on me. ;D

15. David. Some things change; but some things will never change – such as you being on this list.

302970_10150407647217068_642462067_8424353_1569735448_nThanks for helping me top the board exam.


As much as I wanted to see all my friends, I just didn’t have enough time. :( But I shouldn’t worry, all those bars are solid gold, 24k!


I’m homesick and scared like shit….but what the hell, you only live once…



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