I have a new link to my blogroll! :)

June 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

I finally added stuff to my youtube account! :D  After years of planning to do this with Milcha, I’ve finally uploaded a few videos.  I’ll definitely miss playing the piano while I’m in Singapore. Plus so that my mom can watch something familiar in youtube…complete with my regular mistakes haha.  Not that I’m banking on getting discovered (because I’m a really frustrated untalented pianist), but it’s nice to be able to see these things in the future without having to look for files from old computers.  The internet is such a convenient storing place, as long as all the servers remain safe. :D It’s just a bummer I don’t know how I can focus the camera on the keys.  And an even greater bummer whenever I unintentionally include a fragment of myself (other than my hands) in the video. -_-.

Anyway, my favorite piece of the past year is Adele’s Turning Tables.  In my opinion, this particular version (by Liltranscriber…I downloaded the sheet music off the internet hehe) requires a certain amount of angst to be able to properly pull off.  There’s so many simultaneous notes for crying out loud.  It’s actually a very good way of releasing pent up anger.  seriously. :D I used to use this to measure my degree of sadness.  When I’m happy, I can’t seem to play this properly because my hands get tired and strained even before finishing the entire piece.  On the other hand during the times I was really depressed, I could easily wipe it off consecutive times.  I recorded this one for the sake of recording though, so I still committed several mistakes.  I got tired after the 3rd try so this will have to do.  Under normal circumstances, I don’t think I would be able to complete learning this (like a lot of the other unfinished pieces I have stuffed inside my folders).  But given the proper heartbreaking situation, learning this felt almost like a necessity.


In other news, I made my last poster before going away too. This is for my Tito Jomar and family on their despedida going back to US.  I wonder what kind of poster my brother will make for me. :p



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