when I stopped and smelled the flowers

June 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

activities of a bum: kitchen inventions, unlimited family bonding, household chores and endless catching up on things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to until now.

1.  In preparation for my long absence, I’m cleaning up the kitchen of ingredients that might not be used by my brother or our house help.  I have an entire bottle of mirin and sesame oil to finish, plus different breadings, sauces, marinades and herbs to use up.  The entire process of cleaning out these things has inspired many successful (and a few failed haha) made-up recipes.  :)

IMG_4466Meal No. 78

(haha, some made-up pork and mushroom stir fry with scrambled eggs and vegetables…I know how to make delicious Japanese scrambled eggs now – add mirin and kikoman soy sauce!)

IMG_4506Meal No. 79

lemon-honey chicken with tomato rice


the last of the 5-month old thai chili paste we bought in thailand: basil fried rice

2.  Posters! :) I’ll miss having to make these.  Growing up with this obligation has helped enhance the very little artistic talent I possess.

happy father's day mother's day

IMG_4468the one-time-big-time poster for Parent’s Day this year…it’s the just add another figure to make it “Father’s Day” “Mother’s Day” poster 

3.  I missed home.  Even if we go home to Cavite every weekend, I usually spend my entire day in my room, in the kitchen and in the market.  I don’t even get to play with our dogs anymore when I was still studying and working.


IMG_4488Inay’s morning routine…positive energy boosters

IMG_4491mamoti collecting flowers and leaves for his “zen” flower arrangements

IMG_4473Inay, Gab and I working on a single table

IMG_4454Inay can finally sit up, with the help of our pillow friends! :)

4.  Since Inay is stuck in bed for now, I have to make sure our helpers know how to do things properly to lessen Inay’s headaches.  In the process of going over all the other details that have to be overseen in running the household, I realize time and again that having a family is not a walk in the park and raising kids requires infinite patience.  Truly, love is the only sane reason to get married and start a family.

IMG_4498 I bought Richie and Lyn matching headbands (I miss being an ate haha)

5.  I finally found the time to print photographs and make photo albums!  I spent a fortune on developing tons of pictures, I think I’ll have to be more selective next time in choosing what and what not to develop.

IMG_4502finally printed years-worth of photographs to add to our family albums


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