Dr. Robert Chan

June 15, 2013 § 3 Comments

God talks to us.

Sometimes, we feel it in our hearts.

Sometimes, we hear Him whisper in our minds.

And when we still refuse to listen, He talks to us directly.

He talks to us through the different people in our lives.  People like Dr. Chan. :’)


Dr. Chan was my mom’s orthopaedic surgeon when she broke her femur last May 26.  That was on a Sunday night, when he personally went to the hospital to see my mom and reassure her that everything will be fine.  He did not give up when my mom’s surgery almost failed, working faithfully for 6 hours .  He would always encourage my mom whenever he visited her in her hospital room.  Today, he dropped by the house to personally check on my mom’s recovery.  The words he said left such an indelible mark on us that I pray we can pass on to other people.  People like Dr. Chan are one in a million.  And doctors like Dr. Chan are one in a billion.  I may have exaggerated that, but I assure you, it was just a bit.  He is not only inspiring as a doctor, but as a person.  His students (in UST), patients, family and friends are lucky to have such an inspiring role model like him.  If I even get to be half the person that he is, I would have achieved so much already.

And although it may be seldom that we meet people like Dr. Chan in our lives, there are so many other people who are equally inspiring in their own struggles.  When my mom was confined in the hospital, God sent so many people, both expected and unexpected, to show us that He was there.  People who had their own problems but made time to help, people we seldom see but suddenly had time, and people we’ve never even met but didn’t think twice helping.  In everything that has happened, may I always remember that when tribulations come, I should never ask God “Why?”.  Instead, I should cast all my doubts and fears aside and believe that things always happen for a good reason.  I should concentrate on doing what I can rather than on thinking of why I can’t.  I am honestly a person who has no concrete goal in my life.  It’s one facet of mine that I’ve always struggled with.  Sometimes I feel so lost and confused as to why I have no idea what exactly I want.  But God has never failed in steering me to a wonderful path.  I may not see what lies in the end, but the journey has always been worthwhile, filled with loving examples of why my life is worth living.  And although the road is never smooth for a long enough time, the bumps always remind me the importance of humility.

I still have no idea what’s in store for us in the future.  But knowing that God is with us every step of the way calms me.  Right now even, she’s on the bed resting to get enough strength to fight cancer another day and be the inspiration that her family needs.

Thank you, Lord. :)



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§ 3 Responses to Dr. Robert Chan

  • obet says:

    wow! are we thinking of the same person? I think the Robert chan I know is just a simple person trying to help in his own simple way. but that is an extremely uplifting comment. thank you very much for sharing.

  • obet says:

    wow! are we thinking of the same person? the Robert Chan I know is just a simple person trying to help in his own simple way. thank you for the very uplifting comment. God bless us all!

    • hello Dr. Chan! :) Nice to see you drop by po :) haha, I wrote this a long time ago but I still stand by my words. Please continue to be the simple person you are who blesses people in big ways. Thank you po.

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