Dearest Donsol,

April 27, 2013 § 2 Comments

You owe us a whale shark.

Aside from that, you owe us bland food, and a view free of a towering natural cone.  You owe us the idea that waterfalls are inland and the idea that the ability to swim is inborn.  You owe us a starless night and the illusion that we rule the universe.  You owe us a life untouched by fireflies and a life hastened at all times.  You owe me a full night’s sleep not under the stars beside one of the best things in life.  You owe me a ride home that skips all the rice fields and the joy of walking with friends.  Lastly, you owe me three boring days spent in usual fashion and devoid of wonderful people.

For your first inadequacy, I have finally found the heart to forgive you.  For the rest of it, I don’t.  After all, there is nothing to forgive…but I ask that you promise the next time we go there, you will give me my first wish…and a repeat, if not a better version, of everything else. :)




This is a very late post of my Donsol Trip with April, Marge, JM, Gale & David.  All the pictures are from their cameras (except Marge’s…we were both freeloaders on the pictures haha). :D Thank you friends, I know you’ll grant me the right to borrow them without asking. haha. But I ask now. :D Yes? yes! :) So much for choosing the more environmentally-sustainable practice of seeing a whale shark.  But as with all things, you can’t get everything you want…at the moment that you want it. We will be back!  :)

553116_10200785060966181_942287482_nthe first thing we looked for upon arrival at Legazpi: lunch :p~

16022_10200785073326490_1784108107_nDavid the giant and the hatted-villagers at Cagsawa Ruins – a church buried by the ashes of Mayon Volcano (in the background)

483532_10200785069446393_442773546_nLife in Technicolor – April & her colored balls :) how many tears behind the smile? haha. to April’s happier days! :D

601997_10151592583110797_1902239736_nDavid & his favorite subject: Buchokoy

554113_10200785075486544_1469346936_nMagayong mga tao at Daraga Church; a daragang magayon took this picture :D

5478_10200785092006957_868198625_nDonsol Bay from April’s camera

601988_10200785094327015_345396455_noff to see the fireflies at Ogod River

150407_10151592583595797_735120082_nthe fireflies from David’s camera; unfortunately, the swimming lights cannot be captured, but the wonder of holding one in your hand will be remembered :’)

552922_10200785094847028_458585930_nall we need for snorkeling are food & fins haha

DSC01819Marge, Gale, David, me and April :)

DSC01821me with the pretty “divers” – Marge & Gale! They braved the water and ACTUALLY snorkeled for the first time (is that right? :)) )! I’m so proud of you guys! :)  :) :)

DSC01828ruling the bow! me & JM: the bullied & the bully! :)) or okay sometimes the roles are vice versa :p

165463_10151592582305797_1409222902_nthe waterfall that drains to the sea: really pretty, and what a fresh respite from the salty water :)

537230_10200785107687349_1026654888_nthe sleeping beauty, the firefly tour sponsor. the Japanese puzzle master, the most improved swimmer *sniff* :”)

383031_10200785100407167_1116848411_nconquering her fear: Marge & the sea snake :D

DSC01869cold but always still pretty :) hi Gale! :D we need a picture together next time :)

562016_10200785058486119_847179887_nlunch at this incredibly hot place :)

537191_10151592582485797_550569774_nwith the best whale sharks we could find

541766_10151594393248377_181618141_nthe shrillest voice can come from the cutest package


still smiling a couple of jellyfish stings after :D

62791_10200785118007607_1991521601_nbreakfast at the floating restaurant

541687_10200785118447618_240647396_nkinunot – a local delicacy made from sting ray

485275_10151594395963377_1096486233_nbuddha hallucinations after hours of no whale shark in sight haha: Marge, JM & Gale :)

DSC01897sleepy after a night of stargazing :)

DSC01898with our BIO (Butanding-Interaction-Official) at the back…but where was the butanding? :(

DSC01888the scarecrow & the haciendera

68583_10200785123967756_1372367409_nand still sleepy from the boat ride is Marge! :p Last picture before leaving :)

548351_10200785123847753_472605414_nApril & David ready to walk home


Warning Sign – Coldplay. :( 


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