happy easter :D

March 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Photo0226I cooked paella today for Easter. There’s my mom’s finger and utensils getting paella before I can even get a decent picture. :)) I really have no patience for plating, so I bought humongous prawns to make up for the lack of design. Looks instantly appetizing.  :p The other day, I made jambalaya rice with prawns and chicken – and I placed lots of herbs (the thyme and turmeric was too overpowering) which mamow didn’t like.  When he was eating the jambalaya rice, he took out all the prawns because he claimed he was allergic (which is the truth).  But it was honestly just an excuse because I knew he didn’t like it.  Inay, who possesses the only immunity from my persuasive tactics of making them eat my dishes, kept taunting mamow that turmeric has a lot of health benefits – primary of which was its function against obesity.  She didn’t even try a spoon of the jambalaya rice.  But today with the paella, mamow ate 2 prawns even if he was allergic.  And Inay ate 3 servings! :) I was honestly contemplating of opening a restaurant while eating it.  I really take comments about my cooking personally.  So today was a good day because everyone liked it. :)

And today is really a good day because we’re reminded that Christ redeemed us from the murky business of sin.  Even if a lot of people have their own reasons against joining traditional celebrations like this, I think what’s more important to note is that rather than tradition having the tendency to be an exercise, tradition reminds us.  We very forgetful lot.


I cleaned out this blog yesterday of all my unpublished drafts.  Unsurprisingly, they were mostly about love.  Thank you to the little wisdom I possess and I thought against posting them. There were also a number of awkward half-baked creative writing for creative writing’s sake.  I need stillness to get into writing about more important things again.




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