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March 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

It feels so weird to be home in Cavite on a weekday.  9:30 and everyone else is already asleep. I have a lot of things that have to be done, but nothing that has to be done tonight (yay long weekend to do all those! :D).  Now that the semester is ending, it’s also the time where you get in small notes of appreciation from students.  Teaching is such a heart-warming profession, in that aspect.  :’).  Anyway, what happened tonight though was a bit funny.  I was waiting for one group to email their final report yesterday and when I checked it this morning, there wasn’t anything from them in my inbox.  I made a mental note to email them later to ask them why they didn’t submit it on time.  I was also debating with myself if I should give them a zero for that paper since according to our syllabus, a late paper should get a zero (although I never really did this, the worst I did was give them 50% of their grade for a late paper…I’m too soft-hearted sometimes X_X).  So anyway, earlier tonight I finally sat down to reply to my emails and I saw the email of their final paper.  I was about to email them that their paper was late already but I noticed something else attached to the message.  I opened the conspicuously named “Love Letter” jpeg file and…initial email plan aborted. Haha. There is of course the possibility that they’re just pulling my leg since I do teach in a university where a lot of smart-ass students thrive haha. But anyway, yes I did forgive their lateness and I ended up emailing them thank you instead.  Interestingly, for my ChE 124 class, the groups that gave me long thank you letters was the group that got the highest grade and the group that got the lowest grade.  That’s either a good sign, or it just so happens that the drama kings & queens of the class come from those 2 groups.  Since this is conveniently in jpeg format already, I’ll post this souvenir. :)

Love Letter

Yeah, there’s probably a lot of pambobola in here, but I guess love letters really go that way. haha. :’) They’ll never find my blog anyway.  It’s nice to know that even if I’ve been playing strict in my lab class the entire semester, especially to their group because they were almost alwaaays late T_T, they still had the guts to write me a letter.  Thank you Lord I didn’t look too uptight to appreciate sweetness. :D


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