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The homily in Church today was thought-provoking:

When we ask God for patience, do we think He will give us patience?

No He won’t, but He will give us opportunities to be patient.

When we ask God for courage, do we think He will give us courage?

No He won’t, but He will give us opportunities to be brave.

True enough as we got home from church, my dad broke the news about my mom’s latest CT scan.  As the priest said, “life is all about opportunities, which ones we take and which ones we don’t”.  Of course the right thing to do would be to make the best out of every opportunity we come across with.  It was probably providential that the part I’ve been reading in The Shack lately is about letting go of choosing which is Good and which is Bad in our lives.  That it’s necessary to trust God that as long as we live in Him, everything that happens to us is Good, even if it means having my mom afflicted with cancer, and not passing in some of the universities I applied to, and being heartbroken, and all those other things I tend to worry about.  Thankfully enough, it’s been easier lately to think more of the brighter side.  I’m still lucky my problems are so shallow compared to other people.  I’m thankful for all the moments I’m able to pull back out of my life and see the bigger picture.  The fact that I live through a constant cycle of getting lost and finding my way again makes every self-realization important. I hope the next time I pray to God to help me be a better person, I’ll be able to take the opportunity to be one when it comes.  Be it an ill-tempered beggar or a difficult person.


Gab and I made Grandpa a birthday poster to go along with the ube cake Inay baked.  I’m very happy with how my misua with patola and shrimps turned out. I just love cutting out food. Or maybe I just love food in general.  HAHAHA.  And we had a good laugh awhile ago after the mass.  It was because my mom baked ube cake last week for the priests in La Salette, so when we talked to one of the priests awhile ago, he said the cake was really nice.  But then he added, “anong cake nga po ba yun?”.  To which I laughed and whispered to my mom, “hindi nila na-decipher kung ano yung cake niyo! :))”.  I guess it was expected as real ube doesn’t really taste like anything (but my mom’s cake was really delicious, I should really make an effort to learn that recipe).  Anyway, so my mom decided to call her cake the “ambivalent cake” to which my brother disagreed on because it had a negative connotation and so Ama suggested to name it the “hermaphrodite cake” instead (which doesn’t really eliminate the undesired connotation). haha.  I thought “ambiguous cake” would have been more appropriate but none of our suggestions really sound appetizing.  In any case, I will have another slice of that cake. :)

Gramps Poster 1



IMG_3224 small


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