paperman and friends

January 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Finally it’s uploaded. haha. I just remembered to look for it yesterday. And I managed to download the background music (by Christopher Beck) too. :) It must be a wonderful job to create music for animation. I wonder which comes first, the music or the animation? Because the music can sometimes inspire the animator as well, but the composer would have to be inspired by the animation too. Most probably it has to be a well-concerted effort, as with all beautiful creations.


I met with Ray and Renee last Monday. Or Rhubz and Ghulz, respectively, as I endearingly call them both. haha. (They call me Chubz/Chubs – IN COLLEGE – in revenge haha) The history of those weird nicknames is a very long one, but a long story we love recounting. Being with them always reminds me that I’m lucky to have friends who I can always pick where we’ve left off so easily, who I can be a total dimwit with, and who I don’t have to act like the most mature one with (they’re both like an older sister and an older brother to me and I’m the weird, naive, little sister haha). I hope we’ll all look even better and happier in our future pictures together, even 30 or 40 years after. haha. :)



“The smallest deeds are greater than the biggest intentions” -someone wise, or took on other wise people


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