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December 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

In a few hours, we will again have to consciously correct ourselves when we scrawl down the date with the year. The past will seem bearable and the future very much hopeful. (the present, noisy.) There will be a renewed vigor to shed off the holiday pounds and a markedly slower cadence in picking up the left pace.  Some people will proclaim the usually fictitious “new year, new life” phrase, while others will go with the easier “new year, new hair” phase.  What’s with the first day of the year anyway? Aside from the globular fresh desserts and the trauma all household dogs must receive, it really is just another tick in a continuous scale. It’s amazing however how the idea of a “new year” can give billions of organisms a “glimmer of sunshine”.  It makes you think that the entire year has been clouded with smoke and only then has the skies cleared up once again.  Why is it that we come back to our senses on the first of January, and have the excuse of having gotten lost or drowned in the sea of the 360+ other days. But of course, this is just an exaggeration of how we humans treat this specific holiday. Something I myself subscribe to, complete with the mandatory resolutions on some years. Just like how Marx claimed that religion is an opium of the people, new year is the hash of the world.  It’s a necessity, not quite evil but probably often deluding, that serves as a temporal stopcock to the gush of the expanding universe. It reminds us of our goals and demands a more gleeful spirit. It’s an obligatory stop in our tracks to re-tie the shoelaces that have come undone. It’s a cold, icy shower on a windy evening of December. To others, it’s a pat in the back.  To others, it’s a slap in the face. But I guess what makes it so important is that it provides the necessary self-realignment (but only if we make the conscious effort to do so).

As for me, I’m not making any resolutions this year.  Probably partly because as I’ve checked my 2012 planner, I was only able to thoroughly fulfill 1. (and that’s to stop using Facebook in my mobile phone hahaha).  A lesser reason would be because I got too caught up with throwing out trash from my room today.  But who knows, I might eat my words tomorrow and start scribbling down promises to be broken for old times sake.  In any case, what I do want to do today is write down 10 things I’m thankful for this year. At least these can’t be broken. :)

1. My mom has gotten better.

2. I have a job I like (I’m not sure if I’ve crossed the border of like and love, with all honesty).

3. I’m not sick. Though I really need to start taking calcium.

4. I know better who my real friends are. but I still have people-pleaser tendencies – should work on this.

5. I still go to Church and I believe in God – but I should still work on this.

6. I still don’t wear glasses.

7. We finally have great household help.

8. I have a home to go to go home to. and I have my own room. :)

9. I was brave enough to be honest to certain people – some turned out well but some didn’t. but I can’t save everything.

10. I can die today and not worry about the mess in my drawers. but I still have to worry about some things left unsaid – which mainly includes a letter to my parents – will probably do this once I find out my academic destiny. plus something to someone else which I initially decided to do but chickened out on, wisely? haha

and finally, something I feel an ambivalence to: there are 3 boxes of blueberry cheesecake in the freezer. :))

Well, 2012 didn’t turn out bad. Actually, this was quite an eventful and blessed year. Happy New Year random person who’s got a lot of better things to do but read this blog! :) May you have more than one “new year” this 2013! :)



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