welcome, December! :)

December 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

We welcomed December with 3 plates of lasagna.:p~ I’m tired of bringing tanigue and paella every reunion so I figured I’d test my hand in making lasagna instead. And what better time to do this than the long weekend. I should first proclaim the disclaimer that no one, NO ONE, makes better lasagna than my Tita Shirley. (her recipe is consequently from St. Scho too). She used to cook this every December for our Christmas gatherings.  Now that she lives in Ohio, we can only hear about her well-loved specialty from our other relatives. To define how well-loved her lasagna is, the moment she puts it down the table, everything is gone within 10 minutes. And that length of time is due to the space constraint of getting from the serving dish. My cousin, Timothy, earned himself some infamy one December when he nonchalantly got half of the dish to everyone’s surprise. He was eleven then, thank goodness he could still be excused for his lack of good manners. hahaha. :)) I had to email Tita Shirley to ask the recipe of her Bechamel sauce as all the recipes online had varying ingredients. In the course of looking for recipes, I chanced upon not less than 10 “best lasagna ever” recipes.  So I guess I can make a similar claim. haha. I kid. Although you can never really go wrong with lots of beef and cheese. It still escapes me though how the lasagna in Vinzon’s cafeteria tastes awful. So here it is. :)

1. Cook the noodles as directed, and set aside on a towel (I got this tip online haha)


2. Saute ground beef and lean ground pork in garlic and onions. (although I think using ground pork instead of lean ground pork would have tasted better haha). Add salt, pepper, oregano, and whatever else italian herbs you can get your hands on. haha. It’s good too to put a healthy blob of Worcester sauce. To make the sauce, I added diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, red bell pepper, mushrooms and parsley. You can also use carrots, spinach, and some recipes suggest celery (?). Then season it with salt, pepper, basil, more oregano, and sugar.


3. Tita Shirley’s Bechamel sauce had evaporated milk, a bit of flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg. I added parsley some more because I bought a bunch of them. haha.


4. Layer the noodles, then the sauce, then the Bechamel, then cottage cheese + quikmelt + mozarella cheese. AND because there was still a lot of parsley left, I added some in between the layers. HAHAHA


I always remember Garfield when I think of lasagna. I remember this comic strip wherein Garfield was handing John the lasagna noodles, and he goes while saying “one for the lasagna, one for my tummy, one for the lasagna, one for my tummy” while eating the lasagnas for his tummy. hahaha.



IMG_2477Roxanne helped me do the layers. :)

IMG_2478Out of the multitude of lasagnas I have eaten, I couldn’t figure out if the top layer still had the meat sauce or not?

5. bake it in a pre-heated oven (350F) until the cheese melts, and it’s done! :D


Gab isn’t at home (again, as usual haha) so I have to rely on my parent’s critique (which is either completely negative or an overboard of the positive). I think I have to do a re-adjustment of the recipe since I ended up stretching the last bar of cheese for the last plate. and my top layer lacks enough cheese as well. But considering this is but the 3rd time I made lasagna in my life, and the last time was 4 years ago, it turned out okay. :) As I’ve said, who goes wrong with beef and cheese? Only Vinzon’s. hahaha.


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