bombay bicycle club

November 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m currently addicted to listening to Bombay Bicycle Club.  They have such an adorable mix of songs. :”) But I have to change their drone soon, the tempo is a bit depressing.  When I get my hands on The Carpenter’s Christmas cd, that will be my soundtrack for the month! :) Mamow has this knack of keeping everything related to Christmas away…if it’s not Christmas. But why even the cds? hay. @_@ but I guess that makes it more exciting! :) Christmas songs will always top my list of feel good songs.


I think I’m finally feeling better.  Surprisingly, that was a short phase of love sickness (relative to past years haha).  Well, last year I didn’t really have time to think about that. or actually I did? My friend was proudly telling me several days ago that people shouldn’t let love control their lives.  He thinks it’s pathetic.  As I listened to him, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the weird one, or he was. haha. I mean, can you seriously even say that? I can’t wait until he falls in love, then I’ll be the one to laugh at him! :p Anyway, at least the worst is over for the moment. And I’ll stop blabbing about that. Actually, I want to delete the crap I’ve been writing, but that will serve as a funny reminder for me in the future. That, or some sad memory. oh no, I am not going there. Aside from the fact that I still meant all of that. Anyway, work is finally working, I’m finally enjoying teaching thermodynamics. :)  Hopefully, it won’t be on my list of “fears” once the semester is over.  And I’m finally on my Christmas roll. I listed down the people I need to give gifts to (and what a shopping nightmare this will be unless I start NOW…I suck in thinking of gifts, I think I got this from my mom who never gets it right whenever she gives me a gift), started my recycled-decor project, and I’m planning what our Christmas season meals will be.  I’ve been trying to look, in vain, for the lasagna recipe we learned in St. Scho, but I caaan’t find it. T_T I guess I’ll have to rely on my memory, taste buds, and a plethora of online versions.  And I’m glad my mom is back hogging the kitchen.  Last year, the kitchen was all mine.  I realized I missed my mom cooking around.  With her at home now all of the time, I can go home and find sliced fruits in the refrigerator, and open my cabinet and suddenly find everything in order, and go to my room and find my posters all arranged and taped up, and not worry about getting home to cook dinner because there will be dinner (but this is a major threat to my diet haha), and announce a craving of Timtams and go home to a whole pack of Timtams for myself, and call home and hear my mom answer.  :’) the weekend’s not yet over but I can’t wait for the next long weekend! :)


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