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November 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

Since you read my blog, I decided to dedicate a post for you! :) First of all, Happy Happy Birthday from the Philippines!

this is my favorite picture of us kasi we look very happy here, although baka dahil blurred…joke! :))

It’s sad we can’t spend your birthday with you today, imagine the wasted perks of being treated sana to a lavish dinner! haha. joke! But anyway, I’m very happy for you because you’re out there discovering Japan by yourself! :) Sometimes it might be sad to be seemingly trapped in a sea of stoic Japanese bodies (but you’ll have to admit madami sigurong cute di ba? considering type mo ang mga singkit haha) and maybe you miss the days after work that you get to go eat out with us. Don’t worry, we miss you a lot too. :) But natural lang naman maging homesick, you’ll get over it soon. And baka next year ayaw mo na umuwi dahil madami ka nang friends dyan. :( bawal!! haha.

Anyway, I am assuming you miss me even more, I mean, it’s impossible you don’t miss me. hahahah. joke! (alam kong tumatawa ka na! either that or nakataas na kilay mo) Or who knows, do you even miss the pollution and noise already? Or the unruly Philippine traffic (and consequently driving your own car haha). Have you read that huge, highly creative & Marge-y card you brought along with you? :D haha. Binasa mo na siguro yung buo! may birthday greetings na kami lahat dun, I believe. Thanks to Marge’s foresight. So this exercise is actually unnecessary. But because you mean a sizeable amount of the world to me, and I know magtatampo ka if I don’t make you feel extra special today, I’ve put all the materials I have to read aside and instead I’m using up a good amount of time in my life to make sure you know I remember you from across the miles. Did that rhyme? Or was that a run run run run run on sentence? HAHAHA. Hmm, siguro pagod ka na basahin to. hah! I knew it! At least pwede mo balikan pa to after some time. unlike your very terse birthday greeting to me which didn’t even make a sentence. hmp. Anyway, ito na pala ang actual blog post, my topic is: the ten things I like about Joy Marie. It’s meant to be funny, so don’t be uptight while reading it. HAHA.

The 10 things I like about Joy Marie

1. you have rosy cheeks and very sleek and shiny and straight hair. and you’re pretty. :D naks! oh btw, your Japanese boys will have to be screened by us for approval. 

2. you fake being annoyed easily and that makes it funnier to tease you. see your classic ” HA-HA not funny” face below: 

3. you know how to cook and we can carry on conversations about food until forever. 

4. you’re my number 1 student in swimming

5.  you take the best pictures kaya ikaw lagi official photographer natin :))

6.  You’ve promised to go with me and do this in reality and WE ARE TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS BEFORE DYING. but I really hope before dying means next year. sabihin mo na sakin kelan EXACTLY uwi mo para mabook na to!!

7.  you eat a lot, kaso minsan mabagal, or actually madalas mabagal. -_-

8.  you’re very thoughtful although you’re not showy about it

*the context of this picture is just a few of the things that make you thoughtful hehehe (or maybe supportive is the better term? HAHAHAHA). thank you for always being supportive during those times na you labeled yourself as “Th _ _ d  W_e_l ” (pero hindi naman talaga :( ). Medyo madaming beses din yun that I dragged you along, and you were always ready to go with me because you’re THE BEST! haha. I owe you big time. Don’t worry, pag ikaw naman I promise I’ll be the sturdiest, shortest, B _ I _ G _ everrr. But I got your letter and advise and okay I won’t bother myself with this, but I can’t helpppp it. Wala ka na kasi dito to douse me with cold water. hahaha.

9.  You order me around all the time, and I do it not because I’m scared of you but because, I just really like you as a friend :) the picture below is me fanning your royal highness to sleep.

so therefore, I tolerate you. don’t be too happy about that. (*has the cheesiness been successfully diminished? haha)

10.  You always volunteer to drive. HAHAHAHA. which saves us all the trouble of looking for transportation (or even paying for it…thanks to your magnanimousness); and I actually enjoy being the navigator pag ikaw yung driver. :p

Anyway, there are more things that I like about you. And of course things that I don’t like about you – but as friends I take it as my noble job to eliminate my list of that. hahaha. hindi, joke! I just so so like you. (yes, maybe I’m a bit sarcastic in this part). I hope this blog post made you LAUGH OUT LOUD (take note, my objective is not to make you smile – that’s for your future boys ideal guy). Can you please tell me if I was able to achieve that or not????? FYI, you can comment using your email here in this very post so that I don’t feel dejected in cyberspace. After all, I don’t write every day. Nor do I always write about people, or dedicate an entire blog post for someone for that matter. So consider yourself….loved. :p I’m not taking that back! HAHAHA. deal with the public display of affection. wait, hindi ko din ata kaya, hahaha, yuck (<–I just have to say this). but you know I mean it. :p See you soon and take care always!

Christine :p~~~ (the drool for sushi reaches Japan)


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