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Broke, bored, busy and incomplete (someone’s missing!), the only choice left when you’ve got just a day for each other is breakfast lunch dinner a sleep over! haha. :D This wasn’t really planned, which is why it pushed through. :)) At a time where schedules can change in a flick and vacation leaves are reserved for dates (ehem April), buti na lang natuloy to! :D

I just came out of a very much impulsive (1am to 7am) overnight with Milcha that Friday night and so I had to rush preparing to leave the house (and in a state of very-much-lacking sleep at that) for the long weekend.  Fortunately, Marge and April already knew how to go to our house in Makati, albeit with a pedicab (Marge haha), so I just waited for them at home.  They got there around 10:00am and just when I was so excited to go, I had to scour the neighborhood for the lucky guy who parked his car in front of our gate.  It took me a good 10 minutes just to look for him (in fairness, nahanap ko siya 2 blocks away from us) so he was very lucky to witness my morning temper.  With that over with, we drove to Tagaytay in the raining weather, which got more and more wet as we went on.  It was too rainy to go to Tagaytay straight so I decided on going home first to let the rain stop.  We ate lunch with Inay & Ama then decided to go to Tagaytay and just leave it to fate for the drizzle to stop.  Upon reaching Tagaytay, we did get lucky as the weather soon started to cooperate and the “ominous” (according to the ever profound Marge) started to clear out a bit for the sun.  We stopped in Tierra de Maria first, a popular pilgrimage site that was clearly too popular already.  Sadly, the place didn’t feel any much holier than all the relics they sold in their store.  Anyway, next to that was Picnic Grove so we stopped over there to get a closer look at the foggy Taal lake.  True to our plan of doing something cheap that day, we didn’t try any of the overpriced corny rides.  Sinulit lang namin yung 50 pesos entrance with random “foliage” pictures. hahaha. After going around and enjoying the cold weather, April asked if we could go pass by the souvenir shop where supposedly we wouldn’t buy anything.  BUT. We saw these hats which we couldn’t help but buy.  So to justify the purchase, we went back to the trees and took more pictures. hahaha. Because there is no way we’re going to wear those hats any place else (at least for me, I know I wont!).  And Marge told us the hats were sold for Php300 in the mall whereas we bought it for just Php100 – so that made us feel better. kuripot kung kuripot. hahaha. After that, we went to Loumars where Marge bought 3 boxes of buko tarts (6 pieces of those we consumed that very night) for her mom and sisters. My mom also asked me to buy her some pili tarts and we got a bit lost looking for Good Sheperd. April bought ube jam there as well. After the pasalubong buying, we were planning to stop by at the Pink Sisters Convent but we completely forgot about that after stopping by at Gourmet where we tasted all of the dips with the lettuce crackers. hahaha.

April reading about great white sharks and Marge finally with relatable humor of Calvin & Hobbes after trying in vain to laugh at Farside haha

with Marge and the yellow bells

April & Marge :)

stopping by the road in Tagaytay

Tierra de Maria, Tagaytay

at the view deck X)

I know I did wacky…April, scary? :))


April: “tara na, ganito lang o!”

Marge thinking: (NO.WAY.)

with the pines

all the single mushroom ladies

at Good Sheperd

by the fountain I stood and smiled

at Gourmet

So with the plan of going to Pink Sisters flown out of our minds, we headed back home to eat dinner and my mom’s blueberry cheesecake.  I swear those crushed grahams she used was for her planned blueberry cheesecake last December which never materialized. I think hindi pa naman yun expired, but it tasted good anyway! :)) We were so full from all the snacking throughout the day so I asked Marge and April if they wanted to walk outside before going to bed.  There are very few lampposts and houses in our part of the subdivision so Marge insisted, or actually demanded, to walk in between April and me.  I knew she was really scared while walking because after a few blocks I was already catching my breath trying to keep up with her pace.  April made it even worse by stating scary statements which made Marge walk even faster occasionally.  Upon reaching the clubhouse, I couldn’t walk anymore so we stopped there and talked about “life” to the rest of the houses fronting the club house.  I’m never going back there. I think they heard too much if ever anyone managed to listen to us. :))  We were practically a live talk show last night.  We stayed there for quite some time, long enough for my dad to worry and soon arrive along with the car – apparently looking for us after we failed to come home haha.  Marge wanted to make a “Happy Halloween” poster to accompany the gremlin David gave me (yay thank you david for the halloween decor! :D :D :D) so we went home around 9pm.  That plan soon evolved into a complete gremlin girl (complete with the trace marks and pinag-isipang-mabuti-na-position ng eyes and mouth … how do cartoonists draw those parts??? X_X) as the night went on.  Finally, my art project materials were put into use again after such a long time.  Nakakamiss maging student. haha. April was completely distracted while I cut out stuff at Marge’s (Art Directress of the Night) directions. hehehe. Such is what love does to humans.  One minute April’s doing the eyes of the gremlin, the next thing we know she’s swooning over her “future husband”, writhing in confusion and almost ignoring us. haha. peace April. :p For what it’s worth, I know you believe in fate and the cure-it-all “kung kayo talaga para sa isa’t isa, edi magkakatuluyan kayo” line.  So, do what you can and leave the rest to God.  :) After the gremlin making, we finished watching “My Amnesia Girl” (ang gwapo pala ni John Lloyd haha). Or rather, April & Marge finished watching it half-asleep whereas I finished watching half then slept through the other half.  Needless to say, we slept with all those pick-up lines swimming in our heads. X)

The next day, I had new macho-assistants to go to the market with me.  I don’t remember who suggested on wearing the colorful bonnets again but we did anyway.  And I just realized, mukha kaming timang. HAHAHA. As in. I think I won’t go marketing in Silang for the rest of the month first so that the whole colorful fiasco will be forgotten. haha. I was surprised April and Marge managed to carry all the things. And neither was squeamish about the market so we had fun all in all. haha. We went home again and watched a horror film (Hide & Seek) while waiting for my mom’s Kalderetang Kambing for lunch.  She bought the goat last week from Pangasinan. Good thing April and Marge both ate goat (because people usually don’t like goat) and so our eating feast ended with that.  I then took my pre-school friends to the bus and watched them take their ride home. :) <3 twas a happy, clean, fun (& cheap) weekend! :)

Inay’s blueberry cheesecake

a collaborative artwork with David Gonzales! :D

The End. Now I really have to study. :| Thank you Lord for my friends. :)


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