claire de lune

October 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was digging out old files today (at work haha…I get bored too), anyway I’m posting this one out of posterity reasons. haha.  This is a very shabby cover of Claire de Lune taken about 3 years ago at home by my friend Milcha.  The things I noticed are:



Then I realized

3. I want to go home and practice this again! :D

I can never perfect Claire de Lune unless I’m constantly practicing it.  Me wanting to play this piece goes back to the time when we first bought a computer.  Our PC had these pre-installed Classical songs and my brother and I would listen to them at night while imagining we could play them.  I fell in love with Claire de Lune and I told myself when I get older and better in playing the piano (I was just in my 2nd year of piano lessons then), I will learn this one.  Well, my story doesn’t end so dramatically as I did not turn out to be this well-known concert pianist. T_T hahaha. But I learned this by myself using a midi file I converted in Noteworthy Composer.  (those were the days of complicated music piracy – until I found haha)  Anyway, this should be nice to go back to when I read this blog X years from now. :)


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