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I brought Nugs, Rosa, Esqui and Milcha to UP yesterday (we met Banchi there).  Or maybe I should say, I brought them to work? haha.  Though I stayed clear of Engineering lest my students see me gallivanting while they were slaving over their exams.  BUTT some did see me. haha.  We were supposed to PIG out in Maginhawa, but we ended up eating elsewhere.  But in fairness to me, yesterday’s consumption was the most I had since a looooong time.  We ate lunch in Chocolate Kiss, then had dessert in Sancho’s, followed by a large cone of good old dirty ice cream (which we confirmed was totally dirty because Manong accidentally dropped a Php20 bill in the ice cream -_-…buti na lang dun sa flavor na hindi namin inorder HAHAHA), and ended the day with numerous sticks of isaw.  As if that wasn’t enough yet, upon reaching Makati, Milcha, Nugs and I had dinner in Don Bosco’s Pugad Cafe.

*sigh* I love eating, if not for the weight gain, and the carcinogens.  Anyway, I should be detoxifying now but I found this really great tasting peanut butter in the market today which has led me to consume quadruple my average consumption of bread buns in the morning.  This should give me enough energy to power through the week and stop procrastinating! >:|

with an out-of-frame Oble

Nugs, Bants, Esqui, Milcha, Rosa and me :D


And because the inevitable topic cannot be skipped, of course we did talk about it. :))  It was funny because we totally had different positions.  While Nugs and Esqui were talking about the importance of doing your part of making it clear, Rosa and I cringed at the thought of having to drop those non-subtle actions.  Oh well, I guess that’s what corporate and Ramon Bautista does to you! :))  Anyway, I think you can never take away the fact that love involves a lot of risk, and if you’re not willing to lose face then you may never gain anything. I recounted to them all the moves I did and apparently they were classified as being just plain overly friendly. FAIL. Ano pa ba dapat kong gawin?   I can’t imagine myself doing anything more than that unless I get a clear sign that it’s mutual. :( Because if it isn’t, I feel like I’m going to. die. :( *sigh*



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