I’m hoooooommmeeee

September 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

Thanks to mental and physical exhaustion, I decided to go home really early today (after giving my most challenging exam yet).  My mom was surprised because I’ve rarely arrived before 6pm since starting my job.  As a consequence, it’s also been awhile since I last cooked dinner during dinner time (haha…I usually cook my mom’s dinner during breakfast, if I can at all).  I cooked for my mom our favorite Ilocano vegetable dish: Bulanglang! :D  Which by the way my dad hates.  It’s all leaves and vegetables stewed in just ginger, tomatoes and bagoong balayan.  I can live off this – like a true Ilokana! :D   My favorite vegetables in it are the native slender eggplants and the sweet kamote! :)  My mom, on the other hand, loves the talbos ng sitaw and talbos ng kalabasa (which are luckily available in the market!).  After dinner, my mom told me, “Sana ganito na lang lagi, uwi ka ng maaga”. hay, If only I can.



Anyway, I feel so unproductive but productive.  WEIRD. haha.  Or more like my mind is drifting elsewhere. :| But I did accomplish two important non-work related things over the weekend! First, I was finally able to study a new piano piece again, and second I’m finally just a mail away from completing my second application!  Oh please please please pleeeaaassseeee I hope the outcome will be favorable. :D :D :D :D


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