seafood rice

March 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

Yet again another cooking post.  yeah, this is just about the most exciting thing I do every day. haha  I made up some kind of seafood rice today.  I’m allergic to chicken so I used mussels (tahong).  I bought a kilo, boiled them, and plucked out every single one.  For the tomato base, I used ripe tomatoes.  I decided to pit them because my aunt told me tomato seeds are bad for the kidney, and I sliced a small part of my nail off out of the hustle of slicing more than 20 pieces.  I didn’t peel them anymore, but usually in paella recipes, you should do so.  (but this takes a long time and I’m all about the speed; on weekdays, I rarely cook something that lasts more than an hour)  Then because I forgot to buy chorizo, I used my dad’s leftover beer sausage. haha.  There wasn’t any green peas in the cupboard either, so the only vegetable I used was green bell pepper.  hmm, I think I want to cook pinakbet rice. haha.  Actually, this reminds me of a conversation I had with Milcha the other day.  We were thinking of something that we’d never survive having an allergy of.  Maging allergic ka na sa lahat ng bagay, wag lang yun.  And we both thought of RICE! Eating rice is just incomparable to anything else.  Pasta, bread, mashed potatoes or any other substitute just doesn’t make up for it.  Plus these rice dishes are so easy to cook.  I just sauté everything in a saucepan, then toss everything into the rice cooker with the rice, and leave it.  Hopefully when I start my job, I can still make time for cooking.  Or else, we’ll have to revert to bread on breakfast and canned goods on dinner.  But come to think of it, moms work and cook.

But no, I’m not a mom. :p

cooking the tomatoes

beer sausage and bell peppers

I think I added too much water though…best eaten with calamansi! :p~

olive oil | garlic | onions | tomatoes | mussels | beer sausage | bell pepper | arborio rice


My friend gave me two letters today. :) Getting letters are like drinking “health potions” in video games.  They give you that added boost to go on with living. :D


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