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I usually dislike repetitions, but going to Bohol again to see Panglao and Balicasag was well worth it.  Compared to my last visit 4 years ago, nothing much has changed.  People we talked to there acknowledged that tourism is now one of their major industries and that the local government and the people are in synergy in all efforts to protect and preserve their natural resources as much as possible.  I hope they continue keeping this up.  Bohol is definitely higher than Cebu in my book.

Here’s some of the pictures I got while walking on the beach in Panglao Island and snorkeling in Balicasag.  Panglao, which locally means “sad”, is indeed an apt name for the once quiet town.  Although the beach line is already dotted with resorts, some stretches still maintain that quiet beach aura that gives you priceless solitude, especially when you walk around early morning or late in the afternoon.  I’ve never been to Boracay, so I can’t compare the sand.  T’was white enough for me though. haha.


evidence of lugworms

reddish sand dollar

my first time to see a brittle star! 8)

when I saw this guy rolling along with the waves, it looked like a sea higad; I was cautious of touching it so I used my slipper to get it…but it hid all its thorns when it felt the presence of an “enemy”. darnit.

I saw quite a number of starfishes along the beach.  This starfish was really big though, about 10 inches in its longest length.  I dug it out of the sand (but I buried it in again ;p)

swimming with the fishies. I couldn’t get the settings right.  But anyway, underwater camera casing is available for rent at Balicasag for Php300.

this pawikan swam reaaalllyyy near me but right at that moment the memory card just had to be full.  kfine.  I saw a remora attached to it.  And I also saw other symbiotic interaction with the smaller fishes cleaning the gills of larger fishes! thank you to our MS102 lectures, it was basically why my snorkeling experience was more fun now.

the reef’s edge was a steep drop down.  I wanted to go scuba diving but the resort’s divemaster was a foreigner who spoke very very very nasal english that I could barely understand him.  awsucks. I’ll be back!

The clownfish: easiest moving target because it stays near its sea anemone home to defend it – therefore my only decent shot. This picture is worth 300. hahaha.

the low tide created an area isolated from the waves, and all the snails and hermit crabs were gathered around here.

Anyway, the best thing I learned from this trip is that nothing beats learning in the field.  I can still remember dozing off to these lectures in MS102.  Even though I wanted to be interested, marine science is just ohsoboring in slides.  I think there was just one time I didn’t somehow sleep in class. Seriously.  Okay, make that 5, including my reporting day and examinations.  On the other hand, actually seeing them on the beach and remembering discussing them in class was…as expected…interesting, eye-opening and fun! :)


We stayed at Amarela Resort, 4 stars for me.  Food was expensive but not worth it if you ask me.  But the front desk person looked a lot like Dingdong Dantes, I kept forgetting what I’m about to say whenever I talk to him. X_X haha.  And the entire staff was warm and welcoming. :)


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