doing art like a kid

February 4, 2012 § 11 Comments

My mind was blank awhile ago about what to do today.  I was supposed to study something, but I didn’t have my laptop with me, so I decided to finish my photo album of my Davao and Bohol Trip.  For the album cover, I made a cut out clown fish and chocolate hills.  I couldn’t get over how cute it was, so I thought of finally doing some cards for my cousins in California.  My grandmother is going back there on Wednesday and it was about time inspiration struck me with what to give them.  So I finally made myself mobile and took out our trusty ol’ pink luggage filled with all our art paper and proceeded to make the cards.  I even had to consult my childhood “Insect Book” to figure out how best to do a cut out ladybug.


TADA! :D I felt like a kid because as soon as I finished a card, I’d rush to my mom and show it off while beaming with pride. How gradeschool..I know. For a 23-year old daughter, my mom was still proud though. HAHAHAHA. Okay, weekend semi-well spent.  Now I have to get back to grown up stuff and study the science of pervaporation.


P.S. KIRKLAND BUTTER COOKIES ARE SINSSSS!!!! I can’t stop eating them! god, help me stop. Why on earth do we have a big can here? X_X


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