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I went on a honeymoon package with my grandma at Eden Nature Park in Davao.  I don’t think I’ll have time to write and give justice to the whole experience, so I’ll just keep it short.

1.  Eden was a really wonderful place and I am definitely going back there.  The environment was calming and beautiful, to say the least.  The food was superb, not to mention the unlimited fresh green salads.  Peacocks are all over the place.  People are very nice. And this is a nice place for weddings. :)  I also tried my first zipline ride here.  I’m ready for the longest one in Bukidnon! :)

2.  Of course, who can forget to eat durian when in Davao? I am indebted to Cams, for taking me to Magsaysay Park to eattt duriaaan! Yes, unlike most people, I love durian!  I was lucky Durian was still in season when we went there, so they were selling it at just P40 a kilo.  Cams and I ate 1 whole native durian!  The native variety has bigger seeds but is particularly sweet.  On the other hand, for a bittersweet creamy experience, try the Aransillo variety! :)

3.  I wanted to go to the Philippine Eagle Center, unfortunately, my grandmother didn’t want to go there anymore.  (because she has difficulty walking).

4.  My friend, Jeff, was right when he told me to try Penong’s Chicken Inasal! My grandmother liked it so much, we ate there twice. haha.

5.  After more than a year ata, I finally got to see and talk to Cams!!! :) Due to my curfew issues, we weren’t able to go too far, but she went out of her way to show me around so thank you very much Cams! I will remember everything we talked about. hehehe. ;p

6.  Everyone I encountered in Davao were very nice people, thus making the whole experience even more memorable.  Plus everyone who asked my age thought I was just 18. HAHAHAHAHA.

7.  Things I learned from my grandma while on this trip: according to her, I need a boyfriend, I eat too fast, aaand patience is a virtue.

7.  I will definitely go back to Davao City, the world’s largest city according to Kuya Fembol! :)

Thank you again to my friends Jeff and Cams for being my guide throughout the whole trip! :)


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