Life of a mushroom bag

January 16, 2012 § 5 Comments

Last Christmas, the most interesting gift I got was from my friend, David.  He gave me (and Marge) a mushroom bag! :)

I mean, in this day and age of gift certificates and flashdrives, who could think of something as offbeat as this? Leave it to David to get all the fun oddities out of life! :) haha. I named it Porthos (because my favorite mushroom variant is Portobello and because Porthos sounds fat and cute haha).  I just followed his instructions and propped it up inside my dad’s bathroom because he’s the number one proponent of “don’t open the light anymore pag naliligo kayo dahil may ilaw naman from the corridor” movement at home (thus leaving his bathroom probably the darkest place around here).   Porthos needed a cool, moist, dark place according to the instructions, so my dad had no choice but to share his private space with him.

To be honest, I missed watering Porthos for quite a number of days, and I had to check on Marge’s “Viktor” just to confirm my decomposers had not decomposed themselves.  Actually, I thought they were permanently stunted because after 20 days, David was already in his second bag and Viktor was also in full bloom. On the other hand, Porthos was left looking like a broccoli head. :'(

And just when I almost surrendered to the possible reality that I failed to grow even a simple fungus, my brother informed me that they’re all *sniff* grown-up oyster mushrooms. :”)  (Maybe my brother was the one who made them grow though, I left it with him for four days).  This reminds me of the time buying vegetable seeds in grade school was just about the coolest thing, and we’d all go lining up and choosing which plants we’d like in our vegetable patch, planting them, watering and ogling over them everyday and finally seeing them grow.  *kid’s joy of giving life*

Pretty neat for just a few drops of water everyday.  :)

And because these are edible, they have to be eaten! I tried to look  beyond the fact that Porthos has been staying 24/7 in my dad’s bathroom – methane and all.

Nothing like your own bathroom-grown mushrooms for breakfast. :p~ Of course, my dad had something different.  Probably couldn’t bear eating an old friend.

Thanks David! :)



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