January 16, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve always wanted to go to Bicol to:

1.  Go to Sorsogon and swim with a whale shark.

2. See Mayon.

3.  Go to CWC.

4. Eat. (which is a goal that is never crossed out in all my travel destinations)

Anyway, I finally had the chance to go to Naga and Legazpi because my mom needed a companion for her business trip. :) Of course, the easiest goal to fulfill was #4 , and I almost didn’t see Mayon because it was RAIINIIINGGG CRAZZYY while we were in Legazpi.  It was literally pouring while we were in Cagsawa Ruins T_T.  Number 1 and number 3 will have to be done with friends though.  I can’t wait to get a job to do this! hahaha.

A side note though, I don’t know if it was just me, or Legazpi City is pretty sparsely populated.  I mean, Friday…and so many establishments were closed?  And I barely saw people walking on the street.

Land of the Pili Nut! The pili has a distinct, creamy flavor, and is best eaten raw or (according to me haha)…in mazapan style.

Daing! :) According to kuya driver who picked us up from the airport, the best one is the “abo”.  Dried fish from Bicol have to be soaked in water before frying because they place relatively a lot more salt.  Also, be wary when buying dried fish, the odor can cling on you fast.  I spent less than 10 minutes buying some in this section of the wet market, and I walked away with the full aroma of a…you guessed it, dried fish!

Inside the Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia (in Naga).

Cagsawa Ruins.  This should have been the perfect place for a photo of Mayon Volcano. pfft.

On the way to Cagsawa Ruins, the effects left by Typhoon Reming are still visible.  This is supposed to be a bridge, but now cars can’t reach the Cagsawa Park itself because it’s been replaced by this makeshift wooden footbridge.

Daraga Church

Buy your Mazapan de Pili hereeeee!!! :)

Pinangat or Laing.  Even if I’m pretty sensitive to coconut milk, I ate a loooot of this while here. When in Bicol, eat as the Bicolanos do! ;)

And just when I almost lost hope of getting a glimpse of the full cone of Mayon, it showed itself just before take off. <3


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