December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Life is short, so it doesn’t hurt to follow a little bit of guidance. :) I was fixing my old school things yesterday and I came across my scratch notebook where I write lines that struck me.  Anyway, this is my favorite quotation.  The image credit goes to Holstee.

This is your Life.

Aaaand, finally, one must always live with a funny bone in the rib. (I need to work on this though, I can get really tense when I’m stressed).  This is one of the few Calvin and Hobbes strips that made me laugh out loud.  I love Calvin and Hobbes, but they’re usually not for laughing.  They’re more for “aww-ing”. haha.  This one’s a bit brusque, but I just find Calvin so funny when he’s always acting angry when the truth is he has a crush on Susie. X)



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