love and other drags

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently, I can’t help but be in the center of all my friends’ love dilemmas.  Not that I don’t have my own, but somehow a lot of them just tend to like telling me about their heartaches.  Either I look like a good ear/adviser, or I’m stuck in a birds-of-the-same-feather-flock-together thing.  (oh my please make it the first one haha).  I usually find myself giving good advice – advice that I don’t even think I personally can follow or swallow if I were them.  Because when you’re in love, you’re in love.  And people in love are crazy, it can’t be helped.  It’s like a rhabdovirus.  Fortunately, the love bug has a higher success rate when it comes to curing.  Nothing a perfect, ideal, guy/girl that falls in love with you and you fall in love as well can’t cure.  hahaha.  I’m not exactly being a fatal romantic here because surviving from a rabies infection is very unlikely.  My friends’ problems can be classified into three general cases.  There’s the “I’m in love but he/she’s not”.  (usually it’s a he case).  Then there’s the more prevalent “it’s complicated”.  And lastly, there’s the “the love is gone” or “it’s not working out”.  How is the second case different from the third case, you may ask?  I’m talking about people in actual mutual relationships in the third one.

When I talk to my friends, I tend to stay on the positive side always (which is probably a manifestation of my own hopes hahaha).  But it’s true, there’s always the other side of the coin, and it’s really quite hard to go take a look at that side when you’re lovesick.  One of my friends though think I’m being impractical.  He thinks I live in this fairy tale/cheesy movie universe and that things simply just don’t work out sometimes.  So I go ahead and think of someone I know who’s beyond 50 and doesn’t have a love life, and yes I do think of a lot of people.  But so what?  Aside from the fact that I’m not yet 50, I don’t I want to live my life thinking love is THAT hard to find.  Love itself isn’t actually hard to find.  Love is everywhere, hell yes!  But the complicated thing about it is that for a lot of us, love is an actual partner.  When we say we’re “in love”, more often than not, we’re talking about a definite person.  People who transcend from this idea are only a handful, and they’re the busts and statues and figures living in our history books.  But why is it so hard to get out of this “I’m in love with a person” phase?  Why do our bodies have to respond into such pendulous cycles of euphoria and depression?  More importantly, how would I know? hahaha.  God made it that way, I guess.  And it’s one of the best things about this life, ever.  Yes, I said it.  I’ve been in love.  But, after much thought and no further thought, it’s a big, fat, fail of a case 2 1.  However, I just realized that although love can be such a drag, it still is a wonderful experience.  Life would be totally monotonous without it and there’s nothing that can give a high and a low like it.  It’s a drug that just happens.  No need for pills or IVs.  And although there are a lot of known unpleasant side effects, it’s all up to you.

How I’d love to say I’m ending my own vice right now.  I mean, like wait for the next it-just-happened thing again.  I’m out of the logarithmic phase, so to speak, but not quite in the death phase.  (oh that was me trying to insert some biological jargon in this very biological phenomenon).  Buttt, like all vices, you can’t rush it off.  It’s a slow and maybe painful process, but it’s that time when you learn things out.  :)


Because I’m making my own placebo, I’m planning on eating salmon, blueberries, wholewheat, broccoli and nuts this week.  Google says they’re brain food.  Then probably throw in a few more reviews.  Lastly and most importantly, I have a lot of prayer to do.  As they say, play hard, work harder, pray the hardest. toodles (and I hope the next time I post, I’ll already be an engineeeeeeeeeeeeeer).


P.S. Czar, thanks for the good luck! :)



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