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November 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s November 2 today, and I’m all alone at home. haha.  Somebody posted a comment on my old blog and I eventually came here and realized I hadn’t post anything recently.  I don’t have anything interesting to write about actually.  I’ve been home alone for a week now and I’ve been surviving on eating breakfast only since I spend almost the entire day sitting down and reviewing for the upcoming board exam (waaahhhh in more or less a week from now).  Spending my days like this makes me wonder if I’ve lost track of the more important things in life already.  But doing my best on the board exam is what I want to do, and I think it isn’t really bad as long as I don’t step on my other priorities in life.  In light of this, I should totally free up my study calendar on Nov. 4, which is my mom’s birthday.

Oh, but I do have my two cents on the recent murder of Ram Revilla, allegedly masterminded by his own brother.  According to a suspect’s testimony, his brother wanted him taken cared of because he was hard-headed and brought nothing but trouble to his family.  This may be just some black propaganda being worked up for the Revillas, but if it is true, this is a fitting image of how power and money corrupts.  Just because they can afford to and they have the ability to hire goons, they think killing someone else is actually a logical response to some misunderstanding.  This statement might not be true for this case, but this is the case for so many clan wars here in the country.  It’s not that humans can get so barbaric even with education already, but just how corruptible we are in the face of earthly power.



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