October 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last Monday, as I stared at my sheet of scribbled stick figures and letters and having no concrete idea of how to cram them up my already bursting memory space, I thought of peanuts.  There’s probably no scientific basis for it, except if you consider the elephants-have-good-memories-and-they-eat-peanuts claim valid, but it was fine with me.   If my dad heard my line of reasoning right then, he’d go ahead with his usual “engineer ka bakit ka naniniwala sa ganyan” speech.  But really, in times of exhaustion like this, esoteric superstitions like that are the last bastions of hope.   True enough, the idea of the necessity to get my hands on some peanuts A.S.A.P. gave me enough energy to walk out of the library to the shopping center.  I bought and ate a whole pack on the walk back and…so far, I think I remember the reactions until alkynes. :D


I’m completely exhausted, but if there’s something I realized after spending 2 months almost every other day (and later on everyday) in the library, it’s that I just have to be thankful I’m not taking up Law.  Observing all those law students poring over page after page of pure text and legal, rational ideas makes me snore before I even open my mouth to say ZZzzzzzzz.  This reminds me of one of the vandals in the girl’s restroom:

girl A: love is a choice

girl B: yes!!

girl C: stop always being rational.  we NEED love. (I forgot if she used “rational” or “logical” haha)


On other news, there is no other news! hahaha. Except that I have to stop thinking about something that I can’t stop thinking about. UGGGHHHHHH.  define distraction damnit.  

I’ve stopped reading the newspapers regularly.  I feel so detached from the world.  Anyway, next week will be my self-declared sembreak (because I miss being in school).  *breaks into song* Wake me up when November ends (or at least when the board exam ends). Goodluck to all of us!


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