I’m a kimchi faaan

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

We once had a Korean neighbor.  She was a kindly, 40-ish, Christian missionary who lived by herself and worked in a nearby Christian university as a librarian.  She was very nice, and in her 1 year of stay at the house right behind ours, we would constantly bring each other food, little tokens, and what not.  We would usually be the ones to invite her over for lunch because she didn’t cook too much as she lived alone.  One time, she decided to invite us over her place for lunch for a change.  She asked the help of another Korean missionary (who was also single, around 50 years old BUT I SWEAR SHE LOOKED 30) in cooking their traditional Korean dishes.  The dishes were mostly raw vegetables (I guess this is part of their secret to staying youthful, but I can’t live on raw vegetables alone for more than 2 weeks) and after the luncheon, I still found myself hungry.  She forgot to serve the kimchi over lunch so she packed us some for take-home.  I still remember the moment she held my hand as she gave the kimchi, as if it were some treasure.  She said “Christine, try this, this is good, do not throw it away, it’s very hard to make so you should eat this”.  I easily said “okay” since I’m not picky when it comes to food, and so we went home and I stashed the kimchi inside the refrigerator.  Hours later, I thought of the kimchi and decided to try it.  Upon opening the tupperware, a strong, noxious vapor instantly diffused into the air.  I reaalllyyyy wanted to try it, but it just really stank.  Okay, I’ll go ahead and say it, it smelled like shit flatulence.  I poked the suspected substance with a fork and tried to lift it as near as it would go my mouth, but before I could have wasted the precious kimchi, I decided against it.  Needless to say, I didn’t taste a bit of it.  I don’t know how the kimchi got consumed thereafter.  For two weeks, it just sat there almost untouched.  My brother had a spoon and said it was okay.  On the third week, it suddenly disappeared, and I would feel twice as guilty if I actually saw the person who disposed of it.  I am truly sorry for this, Ms. Grace.  X_X

The next time I got interested with kimchi was when I watched the Korean drama, Coffee Prince.  They cooked kimchi rice a lot of times and it looked really appetizing.  However, the memory of its odor never quite escaped me, so even with the proliferation of Korean restaurants here in the Philippines, I was never keen on trying to dine in one.

Recently, one of my classmates in review has been selling kimbap.  I bought several times from her and it tasted nice, but what really got me interested was the kimchi rice she was eating for her lunch.  To prove how interested I was, I had the nerve to ask her if I could also order kimchi rice, to which she replied “yes” to my excitement!  Anyway, long, descriptive, foodie story cut short, I loved it!!  So the day I first tasted it, I went to the grocery and bought kimchi.  My first trial in doing kimchi rice was a failure as I was almost the only one who finished it.  My dad told me never to do it again.  The only things I added aside from the kimchi was salt and sugar, so I tried to find a different recipe.  Yesterday, I found what looked like a better recipe and it did prove itself!  I woke up early today to go at my 2nd try at kimchi rice and everyone at home liked it! yay!

I’m a certified kimchi fan now! :D

P.S. The kimchi I buy has this air adsorbent inside its packaging that’s why I think it doesn’t smell bad at all.  I haven’t gotten around trying to buy the ones in bottles, I think I’ll try that next week.

garlic | onions | kimchi | butter | soy sauce | salt | sugar | rice

with egg

In other news, it sucks that holidays apparently don’t apply to board exam review classes.  >.< WAAAA more than 2 months to go na lang. My table is swamped with books, handouts to read and exercises to solve.  It makes me wonder what percentage of all those materials I’ll actually go over through.  Not to mention that I’ll be able to remember an even lesser percentage of what I’ll be able to go through. Anyway, whatever. I’m excited to go home to Cavite.  The piano is actually bordering on being a distraction already.  But as they say, musical instruments should actually increase your mental capacity, so I will do as I please. :p


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