sausage cheddar tomato pasta

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was supposed to cook callos today, but I forgot the wine in Cavite. arghh.  The tripe will have to wait until tomorrow.  So the next easiest option is of course pasta! I wasn’t able to surf the net for a recipe prior to going to the grocery, so I just bought fresh basil and several large, ripe tomatoes. What I love about making pasta is you can add just about anything to your sauce, as long as you think it’s still palatable.  And since there was still the pork sausages in the fridge, I just used that.  The thing is, my parents’ very generous godmother in their wedding, Tita Nila, sent us a large balikbayan box filled with all sorts of pasta which would probably last us 6 months or a whole year, depending on how often I impose pasta day.  If only I wasn’t allergic to chicken and shrimp, I would have more options.  I will have to scour the internet for more tasty vegetable pasta recipes.

garlic | basil | boiled pork sausage

my own tomato puree (I used a hand-held mixer for this)

garlic | tomatoes | sausage | cheddar cheese | basil | oregano | salt | pepper

the scent of basil is always intoxicating (I love eating it as it is :D)

Today’s recipe was okay.  Typical red sauce stuff.  I still like the pork apple sausage-yellow corn-bell pepper-cream recipe I made last week (but unfortunately I wasn’t able to document it before everyone ate).  I’m doing seafood next week, if not paella! :p~



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