tomato rice

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Because I’m having an insatiable craving for tomatoes recently, I decided to make tomato rice today.  I surfed the internet for an easy recipe and I woke up 5am today to be able to do this without consuming too much from my study time.  The fun part was peeling the tomatoes, which I did last night.  I blanched the tomatoes in boiling water and removed their skins after.  The recipe called for pitted tomatoes, but I didn’t bother pitting them anymore because I’ll just lose the juice that way.  I wouldn’t have even bothered with removing the skins if I was the only one eating this.  (But I don’t want to gain too much weight so when I cook, I badger everyone in the house to eat until the food’s gone so that I don’t get to eat a lot.)  I intentionally picked a recipe with bacons because it’s been years since we last ate bacon (it’s unhealthy, that’s why).  In retrospect, using chorizos would have been far tastier, but then I’ll just wish I made paella instead.  Since I was using an induction stove, it took forever just to get that perfect crusty rice bottom.  Or maybe I was just impatient.  Anyway, it turned out nicely, just too much tomatoes probably. :p

Don’t look now, naked tomatoes! X)

bacon bits | minced yellow onion | tomatoes | chicken broth | rice grains | salt | oregano

breakfast: potato omelette and the rest of the bacon


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