I finally phoned home.

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s stormy right now in Manila.  My brother is stuck in school, there’s flood in our garage, and my mom just got home from the hospital.  For the first time, I decided to call them.  It feels so nice to hear their voices again. <3


Today, Sharon went with me to work THE WHOLE DAY!!! hahaha. We ate breakfast at McDonald’s because I wanted to take advantage of the free grape jam for the last time! :)) I got 10 sachets and ate it with the Sausage McMuffin muffins.  Then at work today, Sharon and I fried onion omelettes for all the children (around 30 pieces) since the cook just resigned.  During study time and play time, I just couldn’t help look at the kids dearly and feel embarrassed to leave them. I WILL MISS THEM!!! I REALLYYYY WILL!!! :((  I will not leave without hugging them all! I wanna cry. :( I definitely have a reason to go back to Penang someday.


And nahawa na ako sa Justin Bieber fever nila.  All the kids ADORE him.  Currently, I’ve had like 30 repeats of Love Me while using my laptop. :)) That doesn’t include the times I played it continuously while doing the laundry the other day.

I was totally not a Justin Bieber fan before meeting these kids! :))

Justin Bieber to me will always equate to that day C. Ming, C. Chen, H & H we’re singing “Never Say Never” while I was desperately trying to make them all sit still and do their work in the Learning Center. *sniff* Can I just say they know the lyrics by heart!



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