missing them :(

June 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m looking forward to coming home sooooon! :) Almost just a week left and I’m leaving this place. [I think I became a bit emotional because of my period]

No more always buying drinking water at Tesco, no more curry for lunch every single day, no more waiting for the damn 304 bus for more than an hour, no more doing the laundry in a cramped bathroom, no more squat toilet horrors, no more trying to snatch sleep while at work, no more people speaking to me in Chinese and suddenly stop talking to me when I say “oh sorry, I don’t speak Chinese, only English”, no more just standing there and watching everyone talk Malay, and no more reading maps.


…this also mean no more cheap good food everywhere, no more view of the mountain while walking to work, no more wifi 24/7, no more free lunch, no more tea time, no more kilo of mangosteen for just Php60, no more seeing squirrels, no more free use of the pool, no more spacewalker, no more looking out the window by my bed and seeing the stars, and most importantly no more company of Assel, Sharon and Furhat and the kids at CPS.

Awhile ago, while I was at work and trying to juggle C. Ming, C. Chen, Vino, Yashi, Selo and Lechu all at once, for the first time I felt sad that I was leaving them.  Honestly, I’ve always thought that the reason they kept a bit of a distance is because they’re practically used to volunteers coming to the shelter.  I mean there are SO MUCH volunteers always holding functions with them, doing “tuition” with them, donating money, food, clothes, toys, and whatever.  But it’s also possible that they refuse to get too close because they’re tired of good-byes.  People come and go in their lives as much as Paris Hilton probably changes wardrobes.  It’s so unfortunate that I’m getting more close with the kids now that I’m nearly leaving.  Just when I’m starting to earn their trust, all my efforts will be left to sustaining a connection in facebook. :( I really miss them now.  Vino, Selo and Yashi (sisters) asked me this afternoon when I was leaving, and I said “next week” sadly.  Then they all exclaimed “sisteeer” with a hint of disappointment and it resulted to a small crack in my heart.  Before this internship started, I knew I wasn’t fond with kids.  But kids are kids, and it’s impossible not to love kids.  I will definitely miss everything about them.  Their incessant tapping on me and asking questions left and right, their twisted faces out of desperation trying to make me understand what they’re trying to say in English, their whispered pleas of “sister, answer for me” while Ms. Suria and Ms. Yasmin are not looking, their infectious laughter, their cute faces, their sour smell, their begging of “sister, don’ wan’ english”, their giggles when I try to say something in Malay, their sitting on my lap, their quizzing me on the times table, their snickers when I don’t pronounce science as [SAYNS] but instead as [SAYANS], their laughter when I get lots of curry from Ms. Chandra, their smile back when I smile at them, AND AND AND SO MUCH MORE. :””””'(

Here are some of my usual conversations with these smart kids! hAHAHA

#1 JooLi [she’s not so used to English]

J: sister, uhh….*points to bicycle and scratches her head”

me: uhh *tries to help*, do I know how to play bike?

J: no!

me: what!? return the bike for you!?

J: noooo!

me: ahh, watch the bike?

J: yes!! *runs inside the house to pea*

#2 G. Xin 

*me and G reading a book*

me: do you know what ghost means?”

G: no :D

me: hmm, you know spirits?

G: no

me: rrr, you know souls?

G: no

me: uhhh, you know when people die, then something goes out of them, and *acts out a ghost* woooooowoooo

G: *knotted forehead face*

me: do you get it?

G: no

me: *sighs* get a dictionary :/

G: sister, don’ wan

me: get it! @_@

#3: C. Chen

CC: *whines* sister, don’ know how to do

me: you know that C. Chen, c’mon try to do it on your own first

CC: don’ knoow

me: C. Cheen

CC: *answers the question* is this correct?

me: yeah, very gooood! :)

CC: crazzyy stupid *in his crazy voice*

me: what? :))

CC: nothing

me: you’re funny :))

CC: *speaks in malay* and the other kids giggle

me: what did he say??

C. Ming (his brother): he said “he’s funny” :))

#4: Selo

me: okay Selo, answer this number

S: okay okay :D

me: *turns to other kids to assist them, then looks back at selo who is not answering* selo, I told you to answer that

S: okay okay okay :D

me: *turns to other kids to assist them, then looks back at selo who is still not answering* selo, do you want to go to Ms. Suria’s table?

S: noo sister, wait okay okay okay

me: *turns to other kids to assist them, then looks back at selo who is again not answering*

*opens mouth to say something*

S: *raises hands in stop sign* okay okay!!! :D

There’s so much more, but writing it down isn’t even half as funny as how they say it! *sniff*

#5: Hassan & Hussein (they’re twins, and at this time they were from school)

me: okay, remove your shoes and change your clothes then eat lunch. there’s lots of food in the back.

H&H: sister, what stuff?

me: vegetables!

H&H: no, what stuff?

me: stuff? i don’t know what you call them, all vegetable dishes

H&H: no, what stuff like auntie?

me: *really confused now* what did auntie suria eat? uhh, french fries and some vegetables

H&H: *sighs desperately* NOO, staffff!

me: ahhhh! staff! me, ms. nurul, ms. suria and ms. chandra


me: >.<



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