rainy weather

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It rained so hard yesterday.  Most days are cooler now, and if only I didn’t darken under the sun, I’d say I really miss the summer.  :p I ate dinner with Ms. Yasmin yesterday for the second time.  And for the second time, she treated me again! :D Last time it was hokkien loh mee, yesterday she made me try Belacan Rice [thai dish with rice in bagoong the main thing].  It actually tastes like the bagoong rice in Chocolate Kiss.  :) She’s going on leave starting next week, and I won’t be able to see her again.  Although she sometimes seems a bit strict, I think I will miss her.  Without her, I will have less things to do in the morning while the kids are gone – which means more attacks of drowsiness.  But I will put off writing about CPS for now, I want to dedicate an entire post about them when I’ve left. :)

So after eating, I bought mangosteen again.  They’re selling it at around Php75/kilo [which according to my questionable memory is very cheap,eh?].  I gave a kilo to Ms. Yasmin and the other one I took home.  All of us at the flat love it.  Their mangosteens here are very sweet, and most of them don’t have seeds for some reason.  Even the fat ones!! :D~

Upon reaching the flat, only Furhat was there.  Assel and Sharon came back later from Pizzahut.  It’s been cold the whole day, but Assel and I decided to go for a swim.  She did 30 laps, I did 35.  I dedicated mine to the the 2 servings of curried potatoes I had for lunch in the shelter yesterday.  It was vegetarian day so had to eat potatoes with rice.  It was fine.  :)) While we we’re swimming, this old lady [who caught us swimming past 10pm before], kept lingering near the pool and eyeing us.  But the pool was still open, it was only 9:30!  She even waited for the guard to come and close the pool to complain about us swimming over 9pm.  But they told us the pool closes at 10pm.  So I asked the guard what time exactly does the pool operate, and he doesn’t know either.  So we all just bid the old lady goodnight. hahahaha.

Most nights with my roommates are filled with eating, swimming, and capped off with watching a movie.  I’m actually kinda getting used with the routine.  I can feel the proximity of going home already.  In 2 weeks, I will have to pick up the life of a Chemical Engineering graduate that I left and carry on. Err, that sounds so remote.  I think I’ve forgotten almost everything! :)) Ohwell, it was worth it!

Here’s some pictures from this week.  On Friday we are going to Cameron Highlands and I cannot waaaiiiiit.  :) Tea Farm and Strawberry Farm, here we come!

eating ice cream. I just had 1 scoop because I don’t like chocolate, and I’m lactose intolerant.  Assel and Sharon are always teasing me that I don’t like a lot of things.  But it’s only bread, milk and chocolate that I’ve been refusing. 

Ms. Yasmin and I.  She brought me and Sharon to Snake Temple on a detour from work. hehehe.

Snake Temple

Sharon started working with me at CPS in the afternoons last Tuesday! At last may kasama na ako! :)

there were only less than 20 snakes in the overrated Snake Temple.  But they are venomous pit vipers.  The temple was really small, worst than “yun na? ” and all the snakes are up in the trees.

Assel eating Mcdo for the first and last time [ it’s unhealthy daw kasi…and no McDo in Kazakhstan]

I agreed to go to McDonald’s because I thought there was rice.  PERO WALA PALA! So I got Chicken McNuggets.  I was still hungry after it so I decided to buy Chicken, pero WALA PALANG GRAVY! And their Chicken uses a different marinade. So much for comfort food, I ended up eating Furhat’s bread and the Tuna Spread Keenly left when we went back home.

playing around on the bus stop while waiting for a bus from Queensbay Mall


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