Furhat’s, Assel’s & Sharon’s Welcome Walk

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Yesterday started with a dimsum breakfast at Bali-Bali, although Furhat ate cereals at home before leaving. haha.

The 2 dimsums and the brown rice [bak chang] is mine :)) the rest are Assel’s

Sharon bought 3 sets of dumpling and “porridge” [which is called congee in Chowking :))]

good ol’ BALI-BALI

We walked a bit of a long way yesterday all around Georgetown.  I think Furhat and Sharon we’re not used to long walks so they got really tired. haha. I hope they didn’t get traumatized with the walking.  We started from Komtar and walked to Campbell Street, then to Hainan Temple.  I was their “tourist guide” because I had been around Georgetown already.  I was a bit worried that we might not have the same wavelength when it came to what was good or worth visiting, pero wala naman silang choice.  hahaha. I was naturally the map reader and I took an awesome wrong turn, so we ended up walking a long way and having to go back just to find Hainan temple.  We took pictures along the way as usual.  It was sooo hot that day.

Assel tasting a free roasted chestnut at China Town.  The chestnuts weren’t fresh at all.

trying out a mask at my favorite handicrafts store! [where I  bought the bug bracelet]. I bought another silk batik scarf and some lucky charms. ;)

Furhat, Sharon and me trying out hats in a stall in Chinatown. nagalit si super-rude-manong samin (you can see him from behind) kaya napabili ako ng red hat na masyadong malaki para sakin for Php150! ang dali ko talaga ma-pressure. :/ But honestly, he is the RUDEST vendor I had ever come across.  grabe talaga, pinapabayad kami agad, pinapaalis kami kung hindi daw kami bibili, at pagkatas ko bilhin yung hat pinapalayas na kami. ibang level talaga. in general, Malaysian vendors are really rude.

Assel with one of the nice doors along the streets

inside Hainan temple again

Furhat checking out the miniature buddhas

We we’re still supposed to go to Little India but they we’re too tired to carry on so we decided to eat lunch in an Indian Restaurant at Jalan Penang.  They we’re a bit grossed out of the place, especially Sharon who noticed the Indians ate the curry and rice with their hands.  I wasn’t really into Indian food at that time so I just had roti and 2 glasses of fresh orange juice.  Assel and Sharon had mango juice, and they followed suit with a round 2 of orange and watermelon juice, respectively. :D  The mango here totally tastes like indian mango, I always tell them that Philippine mangoes are far by better and the best. hahahaha. mango pride.

Sharon trying out the Chicken Roll (it’s like a roti roll with spicy chicken and vegetables inside…was okay (siyempre nakitikim ako :)))

Butter Naan [roti with butter]

After eating, we decided to catch the free bus that goes around Georgetown to go to Fort Cornwallis.  We had to pay RM2 to get in the fort.  It was really nothing compared to Fort Santiago, a really small fort.  It is supposedly star-shaped [but I didn’t notice haha, I learned of that after going there] and it was built in the 18th century when the British came.  We looked around and took pictures.  The view was nice because it was right beside the esplanade and the beach.  However, it was soooo hot at that time since it was just a little past noon.  I’m already burnt.  But it was okay, it was fun.  Sharon sneaked along with a group of Chinese tourists and listened to everything their Chinese tour guide said.  After that she translated it to us, which was really helpful. :))  We skipped all the boring parts because of her stolen information. hahaha.  Furhat was still tired so she chose to sit while Assel, Sharon and I roamed around.

me with Sir Francis Light and the oversized hat

Assel and a cannon

we asked someone to take our picture. I feel so small and dark. :)) I am actually the oldest but they treat me like a baby…which brings me back to the feeling of being small and dark. hahaha.

I took this picture! Sharon’s so cute here. :) 

Assel and Sharon :) I love this picture!

I just love grass pictures :)

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

After a while, Furhat came on over to join us taking pictures.

tired feet

Furhat gave all of us a yellow bracelet (which was from her friend). =) Mukha na talaga kaming nasa tour. haha. =p

self-timer pictures :D Good thing we didn’t get itchy from doing this. haha.

another one, but Furhat wasn’t looking! :))

After all the pictures, we we’re all so tired and thirsty so we decided to sit down at the cafe inside.  Near it we found a small art stall with an artist selling really great watercolor paintings! They depicted mostly countryside scenes in Malaysia, with really good renditions of the sunrise and the sunset.  Looking at them made you feel like you we’re experiencing the sun too.  Assel and Sharon bought one. :)

some of the artist’s works

Assel and her purchased painting for RM25 (it was a good price!)

After finally catching our breath and drying out the sweat, we went to the bus stop and waited for the free bus again.  We waited for quite a long time but we had quite an amusing chat about Mauritius Islands, boys, bitches, green, horoscopes and what not.

waiting on the bus

Sharon and I are both libras. haha, wala lang, I just noticed we have the same wacky pose

We went back to Prangin Mall where we tried to look for the Russian restaurant we thought was there.  Assel really wanted to find it because she wanted us to try and I think she was also missing her food. haha.  The food here is defnitely very different from Russian or Kazakh cuisine so she was really disappointed when we weren’t able to find it. :( I want to go to Kazakhstan and visit her in this lifetime! :)  We just ate at the Food Court.  I bought Wan Tan Soup and the last tapioca I’ll ever have here in Malaysia.  Finally, my cravings for it have been satiated. hindi na siya masarap for me. hahaha.

my wan tan soup [very bland without the chili]

After eating, Assel and I could already feel Furhat and Sharon we’re too tired to accompany us look for a bathing suit.  We told them to go on ahead to the flat while we looked for a bathing suit in Prangin Mall.  We went to Parkson and Komtar but the cheapest they had was at RM80 (Php1200) and it really looked crappy.  But Assel really needed to buy a bathing suit to be able to swim at USM’s pool so we impulsively decided to go to Batu Ferringhi right there and then.  It was an hour from Komtar and it was already 6pm then, but we went on ahead! :) We took the 101 bus and reached there around 7.  Assel was able to buy one for only RM25.  I decided not to buy anymore since the choices are better in the Philippines.  We went down the beach for a nice stroll.  It was already dark so we didn’t stay too long.  All I can say is Batu Ferringhi is overrated.

christine by assel

assel by me

We got home around 10pm already.  It was great Assel doesn’t tire too easily, we had just about the same endurance so we managed to look around the night market.  I made her try the singkamas with rojak sauce.  She didn’t like it, plus the guy made it very spicy.  I wasn’t able to finish mine either.  We then went to Tesco to buy water, toiletries, and fruits for dinner.  I bought yoghurt which disappointingly tasted like powdered milk. :/ I was gonna eat it with the strawberries!

Assel with her rojak [spicy-sweet peanut sauce] :)

I had a great time with Assel!!  We talked about a lot of things on the bus.  We we’re sooo tired but it was a great day! When we came home, Sharon and Furhat we’re already resting.  Sharon was actually asleep and Furhat was with her “lappy”, as usual. :p We lazed around the sofa for about an hour, took a shower, and followed suit.


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