dragonboat festival and nature trekking

June 12, 2011 § 6 Comments

Today we woke up around 7:30am.  Assel and I decided to take a short swim before leaving.  The pool was still closed when I came down so I had to walk all the way to the guard house to make them open it.  We did just 45minutes, then we went up and took a shower.  Furhat decided to pass today, so it was only Sharon, Assel and me who went to the International Dragonboat Festival at Teluk Bahang Dam.  On the way to the bus stop, I showed Sharon my favorite siopao stall.  I bought my usual pork and she bought chicken.  I think that’s the last siopao I will ever eat here as well.  buti na lang nakaget-over na ako. haha. My mom texted me yesterday to stop eating the siopao and stuff on fruits instead.  Actually, because I always tell my parents about the stuff I eat here, whenever they text me, it always includes “don’t get too fat” or “don’t eat too much”.  :))  We took the bus to Komtar [azzzzusual] and went to 1st Avenue to eat breakfast since Assel didn’t buy pao and Sharon was still hungry.  We we’re supposed to eat at this cafe but found the prices too expensive so we decided to eat at Rotiboy instead.  But Assel ended spending even more because she got frozen yoghurt [yung self-service then weighed].

Sharon and her bread. The 2 of them kept offering me bread, and I told them “I don’t like bread”.  But they still always offer me. :)) But yes, I don’t like bread as much as I like rice. :D

Assel and her original rotiboy!

one of the things I can never leave the house without here in Penang! haha. because 1:drinks are expensive here, even iced water needs to be bought and 2:because the food is usually spicy so I need lots of water

After breakfast, we took the bus to Teluk Bahang Dam.  The weather was cool today, and Assel and I slept on the bus on the way [Sharon couldn’t sleep because she drank coffee].  The bus ride took us around 1hour and the “bus captain” [bus driver] dropped us somewhere in the road.  He told us to walk straight and we will find the dam.  So we walked and walked.  It was okay since the road was clean and the view was very nice.  However, when we reached a better vantage point, we realized that the dam was reaaallyyy far off.  Fortunately, there was a taxi who had just dropped his passengers.  We paid him RM5 to take us up to the dam.  Upon reaching the Teluk Bahang Dam, we we’re a bit disappointed with the weak feel of festivity.  I think the venue was too large for the event, plus the fact that even if it was an international festival, there we’re only about 20 teams.  It was probably because it was the 2nd day of the competition, but I really don’t know.  The good thing was the view was wonderful.  It was very hot, but the wind was cool.  The dam was very clean and it was a really nice place to go to to just sit and think about life.

Assel and Sharon.  The dam is still over and far above this hill. :/

Teluk Bahang Dam

the dragonboats [I honestly expected larger dragon heads…but kfine]

nice view :)

the setup

sakto pagdating namin, the race included the Philippine team [which was DLSU, pero nagcheer na din ako haha] AND THE PHILIPPINE TEAM WON this round! haha. :) this is them reaching the 500m mark

extra dragon heads and tails

konti lang ang flags! :( but at least the Philippines was here!! :)

Sharon with the Chinese team’s banner

the teams’ tents

DLSU stretching after their race

Coffee-Pulling Game [this is actually how they prepare tea here, by “pulling” it…they just used coffee for the game]

Assel :)

We we’re only able to watch 2 races before lunchbreak.  We didn’t want to eat yet so we found a spot among the trees  and the Indonesian team. hahaha. We sat there and just enjoyed the picturesque view. :)

Sharon and her umbrella, she doesn’t want to get a tan! but she’s soo white.  When I was using my umbrella, Assel asked me if I didn’t want to get tanned.  I told her I don’t want to get brown, I’m already tan. T_T

I’m sooo brown na. :(

the Indonesian team beside us.  we stole some of their space. haha

after an hour, we went off to find a chair and sit and chill while waiting for the race to start again

I want to try dragonboat again!! :( I miss the repetitive movement and the adrenaline.  If only there was a nearby place like this in Manila where they do dragonboat. :(

some of the people watching…there wasn’t too much spectators

dragonboat teams

We watched 2 more races, and around 2pm we had to figure out how to get down to the bus stop.  The bus stop was like 3km away from where we were so we planned on hitching a ride with someone.  We tried asking a group of Americans how they we’re going down to the bus stop, while intending to hitch a ride.  When they told us “by walking”, siyempre napahiya naman kami. hahaha.  So we decided to walk.  Walking is actually okay with me and Assel, but Sharon wasn’t used to walking such far distances so we hoped to get a ride.  We finally decided to might as well walk and for some VERY LUCKY REASON, a 101 bus suddenly stopped nearby.  The buses don’t usually reach the dam area, so we ran towards the bus as fast as we could.  At first we thought it was already leaving us, but thankfully it stopped and we managed to get in.  We we’re just lucky that a group of tourists commissioned the bus to go up to the dam.

We decided to go to Penang National Park next and try the canopy walk.  It was just near Teluk Bahang and still lucky enough, 101 passes by it too.  When we got there, I was so disappointed that the canopy walk was closed!! :(  We decided to just walk the trail for 45minutes since we we’re already there anyway.  I wanted to go to Monkey Beach where they had the turtle sanctuary, but it was soo far and we we’re all wearing slippers. :(  The trail we picked was the one near the beach.  I wanted to see a pitcher plant but we we’re not lucky enough to see one.  It might be in the other part of the trail.

closed! :(

entrance of the national park

the trail was paved


beach banana

by a small bridge

looks like a rambutan

insect feast

Assel among the leaves

sharon :)

After Penang Hill, we went to Komtar and ate at a posh sushi bar.  It was quite expensive, I spent RM20 (almost Php600). @_@

the sushi bar had a moving belt conveyor! :p

I also ate this…kaya super busog kami [chicken with egg and onions, forgot what it’s really called]

We took the bus home, but then Sharon suddenly felt nauseous while on the bus.   We brought her back to the flat, then rested for awhile and went out to buy some stuff from Tesco with Furhat.  We came back around 8pm and Assel and I did 20 laps in the pool again.  I will definitely miss the pool in the Philippines! :(  Before sleeping, I washed some of my clothes again.

So now we’re all dead tired, except Furhat who stayed at home for most of the day.haha.  Work uli bukas. Goodnight Penang! ;) Can’t wait for next weekend. :)


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