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June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

**Sharon, Assel, if you’re reading this, mind you I wrote this a long time agoooo. this was like ONLY our 3rd day together? :)


I haven’t blogged for so long (considering I’ve been blogging almost everyday since I came here).  And I think it’s because I’ve been spending all the past nights talking and laughing and loving my new roomates: Assel (Kazakhstan), Sharon (China) and Furhat (Maurutius Islands).  I’m so surprised and glad that we all got along so well.

Sharon, Assel & Furhat at Georgetown; we walked for 20minutes because walang bus 

[ate very tasty salted egg buns on the way]

Assel is a “sweetie” [she loves using that word…haha].  Actually, the first time I saw her, I thought she was masungit.  When I talked to her the next day, it turns out that she had a really bad experience at the immigration.  She had to cough up almost $1000 to get in to Malaysia because of some confusion and the stupidity of the immigration officer.   And when she was brought into the aiesec house, it was probably her last straw so she was REALLY upset during her first day in Malaysia.  Our conversation started when I saw her reading The Idiot by Fyodor Doestoevsky.  I told her I’ve read The Brothers Karamazov, and then the topic went to school, and finally we found ourselves sitting down in the sofa and Assel showing me Russian and Kazakh food [and I was very much genuinely interested hahaha I have to go to Kazakh and eat those things].  She’s only 18 but she’s the tallest here and she’s like our younger sister.  She’s always [and I mean ALWAYS] laughing when I say something.  She finds me so hilarious because when I say something funny daw, I’m always serious. Okay, andito lang pala ang number 1 fan ko. hahaha.  Assel is very passionate in theater, and she sings and dances so well.  She’s been dancing every night here in the flat.  She’s very talkative and easy to get along with [though you could sense her strong character very much…she hates social networking which is cool].

Sharon reminds me of some of my friends because she’s too nice and innocent. haha.  She’s very nice and cool [and she is also literally cold, she told me a Chinese doctor told her that her body was cold so she’s taking these heat treatments].  At first she wanted to “escape” from this internship because of a lot of disappointments with the aiesec here, but we’re all glad that now she’s willing to stay and just enjoy everything that comes with it.  She’s from China but she studied at the UK for a year and she’s been to Europe! She loves watching Chinese shows on her laptop [because duh she’s Chinese :p], and she made us watch this movie called “Triangle”.  It’s an American film.  It was disturbing, and I didn’t fall asleep. hahaha. I think she’s a movie and series buff.  Like Assel, she’s talkative, and I can sense she’s very passionate about her country. :) She’s always smiling and pleasant so it’s really easy to get along with her.  I think it’s also because we’re both Libras. haha. In fact, we have a lot of things in common, which is interesting.  But she does have a pretty unpleasant experience with her past relationship. :( She’s healing her “wounds” here in Malaysia. ;)

Furhat is our resident I-don’t-really-want-to-try-that. hahaha.  I think I’ve gotten used to it.  She’s not up to eating something else aside from bread, fruits, milk, water, etc. so we usually have to buy her meal first before eating out.  She opened up about her love life the other night and since then we’ve been teasing her that she’s gonna find love her in Malaysia.  Actually, true enough, she has been attracting A LOT of attention here.  They went swimming at USM the other day and there was already 3 navy guys flirting with her!! siya na talaga. haha.

So there.  We usually end the night by watching movies or going swimming.  Last night we watched a movie at 1st Avenue.  Furhat and I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 while Assel and Sharon saw Super8.  I made them taste rotiboy and they loved it.  We’ve had a handful of adventures already and I just love their company.  Our weekends are already planned and I can’t wait! I’m lucky I got them as housemates.

Today I’ll show them around Georgetown.  We’re supposed to leave at 8, but Assel and Furhat are still sleepyheads cause they slept so late awhile ago.  It’s 7:30 now.  Okay better wake them up! :D


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