A New Beginning

June 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Yesterday, another EP arrived: Assel from Kazakhstan!:)  They got home around 10pm from Queensbay Mall.  When I first saw Assel, she looked really tired and stressed.  I thought it was because it was because of the condo where we stayed, she probably didn’t expect it to be like this.  We talked little that night, I was mostly talking to Furhat and asked them about their Queensbay outing.  They ate dinner there because Furhat didn’t want to eat at the hawker stalls here.  I slept around 3am even if I was soo tired from the road trip.  So this morning I was almost late.  I had to meet up with Ms. Yasmin at Tesco around 6:40am [since my shift this week is 7-4], and I woke up around 6:10.  Okay, I woke up 5:30 but I went back to sleep.  I had a headache because I slept on the couch since I was too tired to take a bath.  Ms. Yasmin called me when I was just about to go down, indicating that she probably had been waiting a bit long. ahyoo! [malaysian expression].  I picked up my bag and grabbed a pair of slippers in the dark and ran as fast as I could to the gate.  In my rush, I picked up the wrong slippers, and the one I got was painful for the sole.  But it was okay since we remove our slippers at the shelter.  People use barefoot inside their houses here.  I was veryyyy sleepy today at work.  I went over a lot of receipts again, checking and counter checking.  It was okay, usual office work.  Then during lunch, I committed what I think is a social blunder.  Ms. Yasmin pointed to one of the dishes and told me it was stinky fruit.  So I placed my nose near the dish and smelled it.  And suddenly Ms. Yasmin and Ms. Chandra told me not to do that!  I said I was really sorry and they told me it was okay because I didn’t know.  nakakahiya! hahaha. ugh, I will never do that again.  pffft.

This afternoon, I made an arrangement to meet with a fellow “couchsurfer”.  Rosali was the one who suggested to me to try it, but I first heard about this from Remika.  I met with Jade Chiang, she’s 26 and studied at USM.  She’s now working and doing her masterals in biodiesel part-time. cool-la.  Keenly was also with us since it was her last day here in Penang and I wanted to accompany her as well as repeat BAK KUT TEH.  The place where we ate the bak kut teh before was closed.  Stores here in Penang usually close on Mondays.  But thankfully there was another nearby stall who served bak kut teh, but it was only 5:40 and it was still not open so we decided to drink tetarik (milk tea) first at an Indian restaurant nearby.  Jade was absolutely nice! I think we got along pretty well.  We never ran out of things to say, and it felt like we were long time friends.  When it was around 6:30, we went back to the bak kut teh place.  On our way there, Jade treated us to Muah Chee.  It was like rice flour rolled in peanuts.  It was yummy! :)

Muah Chee stall

Muah Chee

After eating the muah chee, we ordered our bak kut teh soup.  We wanted dry sana, but it was okay since Jade ordered the soup one.

bak kut teh with youtiao (I love the youtiao)

the omnipresent ingredient here in Malaysia

the very nice Jade! :D

after dinner [tummies censored haha]

We spent about 2 hours with Jade talking about Malaysia and the Philippines and whatever.  She loves to travel and she plans to go visit our country soon!  She was really, really nice and I owe her a very high rating in CS.  Couchsurfing is awesooome!!! I picked the right person! haha.  We parted ways at Tesco since Keenly wanted to buy her favorite chicken floss bread at Bali-Bali.  Unfortunately, they were also close! So Keenly just bought gardenia “roti” [ roti is their word for bread.  so it was really just bread].  I accompanied Keenly back to the hostel area so we could still eat our last roti with banana, honey and ice creaaam!



it’s irritating because all the stores don’t want cameras!! even just stalls. what is their problem? the indian guy in this picture is gesturing “no cameras”

So that was how Keenly and I celebrated our meeting and parting of ways here in Penang.  I will definitely miss her. :( When I went home today, the 3 girls were already there.  The real deal is now starting because now I’m now the only Filipino here.  At first I was apprehensive because I thought we might not all get along that well, but I’m so happy because I talked with Assel tonight and she’s actually a really great person! I’ll tell more about her probably next time.  We just talked about oo many things.  And it all started because she was reading The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky and I told her I’ve read Brothers Karamazov.  After that we just talked and talked and I forgot about my laundry.  And now I’m still awake, waiting for the dirt in my short pants to dissolve in the soap.  hahaha. In other words, binababad ko pa.  So I’m looking forward for the rest of my month with these guys.  The real deal begins. :) Nevertheless, I am so thankful for all the Filipino interns I met here.  They made the transition easier. I already miss Ara, Cel, Nica, Anna, Gwen and Kaine. :( And of course my food buddy Keenly.

P.S. My camera’s LCD is broken somewhere. :( my mom is going to kill me for this.



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