penang road trip

June 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ayoub managed to spot a rent-a-car at Batu Ferringhi so instead of taking the taxi today, we rented a car for RM120 (plus “petrol”).  Keenly and I took the bus to Komtar and met Jianan, Michelle and Ayoub there.  They already had the car upon arriving at Komtar.  Initially I thought Ayoub drove right hand side cars too in Dubai, so it was okay.  But in the middle of the trip, we realized that it was actually his first time to drive a right hand side one!! Believe me it is soo hard to orient yourself just like that because everything is the opposite.  You can’t get sleepy.  But he managed to do it! I was the map navigator the whole day.  We went up to the Tropical Fruit  Farm (at Balik Pulau) first.  It was an hour’s drive from Komtar, but we took longer because we got lost on the way and had to stop and ask for directions several times.  We also had to turn and go back large distances twice.  The view was great once we reached the mountain area.  It actually looked pretty much like Subic or Batangas when you go up to the mountainside roads.  It was drizzling this morning so there were small falls in the sides.  There was also a lot of visible fog up in the mountain.  We knew we were near the fruit farm when we started seeing a lot of durians being sold on the road.  Unfortunately, when we reached the Fruit Farm, it turns out Durian in Penang is not in season. :(right hand drive

keenly, jianan, michelle and ayoub

Ayoub: “Is this true? I think I’m dreaming.”

Me and Keenly: “You should go to the Philippines! :))”

The Fruit Farm still had an entrance fee of RM28.  It was totally expensive!  But we we’re already there so fine. A van took us up to their fruit farm, and then we had a guide who was sooo funny and nice.  Kaso we just went around the farm and ate fruit buffet and juice after.  I had mango-watermelon shake which tasted BAAD.  I think it was because of the mango.  So when it was Keenly’s turn, we asked Kuya anong shake masarap, he suggested honey dew and pineapple, and true to form it was heavenly!

spider web! :) nature’s wonders

I don’t know what fruit this is

Baby Rambutans (rambut = hair)

it’s my first time to see a dragon fruit plant

dragon fruit

baby lychee

atis or sugar apple

Kuya’s joke # 1: Here in Malaysia, we cannot grow apples, but we have lots of apples: star apple, pineapple, sugar apple, butter apple

Kuya’s joke #2: Now here is a fruit very popular in the Philippines.

me: Really? I don’t know what that is.

kuya: You are Filipino?

me: yes

kuya: You don’t know chesa?

me: ahhh chesa…okay I know.

Kuya’s joke #3: Filipino, another popular fruit! What is this?

me: Keenly, ano yan?

Keenly: no idea

kuya: you don’t know this? mabolo!

me: ahhhh yeah I know! But I don’t eat that.

keenly: ano un?

Kuya’s joke #4: Now here is a …[forgot what it was].  There is no like this in Malaysia.  No like this.

me and Keenly: eh bakit andyan yan?


elephant apple (because it looks like an elephant’s face daw. another apple in Malaysia according to kuya)

me and keenly

guava – I love this! :D


unripe mangosteen

mulberry tree (for silk worms)

pinang or bettle net – this is what Penang is named after

fruit buffet

my fruit platter

After the fruit farm, we went to the main land side by crossing Penang Bridge.

the longest bridge in south east asia (13.5km)

 We went to Pulau Aman, which is supposedly a small fishing village.  It was around an hour’s drive too from the Fruit Farm.  When we got to Bukit Tambun where the “jetty” (boat) was, somebody asked me, “why are you going to pulau aman?”.  “Oh, we saw in the internet that the food is good and fresh here, haven’t you been there?”, I asked.  “Uhh, no”, the local answered.  So I got perplexed because it didn’t look like people go here to eat.  It turns out it really is just a small fishing village with a restaurant and people go there to fish.  As in professional anglers, for reasons unclear to me because the water is murky brown and the place is dirty.  Buti na lang the food was good! Although I don’t know how fresh the shrimps are given the murky brown water, it was okay na din.

the jetty

Pulau Aman

they’re selling daing too

Floating Restaurant where we ate

my mee goreng udang (prawn fried noodles)

jianan’s koewteow udang (prawn noodles)

michelle’s nasi goreng udang (prawn fried rice)

keenly’s koewteow goreng udang

Ayoub’s first time to eat prawns; he placed all the shells in the ashtray

ayoub and his shrimp friends (siya may gusto ng pose na ganyan)

ghost anglers

pa-try :p

our rented car


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