bak kut teh my love

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I slept with Keenly last night at the USM Hostel! As the saying goes, she was alone, I was alone, so what else is there to do? HAHAHA. We met at TESCO.  Keenly woke up late, so I bought some junk food and kitkat while waiting because I was really hungry already.  We made last night Bak Kut Teh night, which is probably the best meal we have ever had yet. HAHAHA.  Bak Kut Teh is a pork Chinese dish.  They serve it dry or soup, so we ordered both.  One order is good for 2 people, and we managed to eat everything. We are very matakaw that way. It’s more expensive than our regular fares, but really worth it.  We might eat it again tonight. hahaha.

bak kut teh soup

dry bak kut teh ANG SARAAAAAAP (sweet and spicy and salty. this has okra in it, and pig innards)

bitin ang rice

After that, we took the free shuttle in USM (which goes around the entire campus) to go to the hostel.  The hostels are the dormitories of the students who study at USM.  Can I just say the hostels are superb!!! I mean not that good, but it’s really quite good enough.  There’s washing machine every floor.  Only 4 rooms share 1 bathroom with several cubicles.  Of course there is wifi.  Then it’s very clean.  The only thing was si Keenly na lang ata mag-isa dun sa hostel niya! (there are several hostel buildings).  It’s because university students in Malaysia are currently on their 4 month holiday.  So everyone went home.  Sobrang nakakatakot sa gabi.  Kung ako nakatira sa hostel at this time, mas mababaliw pa ata ako.  Imagine being alone in a building with so many corridors.   The hostel area is very near the mountain and the view is superb.  If you think jogging at the Acad Oval is nice, this is waaaay better.  Feels like I’m in a nice uphill subdivision in Laguna.

this is where we stayed, there’s more than 10 hostel buildings here

lots of aratilis trees 8) but no ripe fruit yet [here is Mr. Bee]

superb view and location!! sana ganito din sa UP. haha.

Then I went to work this Saturday to free up my next weekend for KL.  Helped Ms. Yasmin in the office checking the documents for her accounts.  Then me and another aiesecer, Seokwei, fetched Farhut, an EP from Mauritius Islands, from the airport.  (oops poor sentence construction) It was my first time to hear that country and I checked Wikipedia! It looks greaaaat. It’s renowned to be the only home of the dodo bird. And what’s even cooler is they speak French there.  So now I can practice my French! hahaha. We’re going night market again today.  Tomorrow we’re going to Butterworth with Ayoub, Jianan and Michelle.

Oh, I am getting zits from sleeping too late everyday. :/ I’ve never slept earlier than 2am pa yata. I dread going back for the board exam review. >.<


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